What is transcription and how to make money on the transcription of the text

The translation of sound into text is called differently — “transcription”, “transcription of the text”, “transcript” and so on. But, whatever you call, it’s a great part for those who want to without investment to slightly increase the finances. However, the money has to literally “sit” at a Desk and computer. About how work and patience to get hold of the cash boost, we told the professional decryptor of texts Victor Rublev.

“Do not think that it is easy and simple. In order to decipher the text, we have to listen to it at least three times to figure out where sentences start, end, to understand the intonation and properly punctuate. Of course, in many ways, the recovery speed depends on the complexity of the topic, skills of transcriptor and speed dial” — explains the expert.


These transcripts need a lot. For example, journalists who have to work with a large amount of information to students wishing to obtain educational materials to people who have conducted their lectures or webinars and want to have them in text form. So many ways to produce a research marketing company. Sometimes you need to “decrypt” sessions, round tables, seminars, conferences. Victor explains the nuances: “It is the most difficult: people arguing and interrupting each other, expressing polar opinions. It is difficult to understand who is saying what, because it’s not a video, and audio. It’s bits and pieces of phrases, words, and thoughts. Here it is necessary not thoughtlessly to print, and to grasp the idea and convey it in the text. Here I am speaking as the editor”.

Per day you can practice 60 minutes and earn from 200 UAH.

WHERE TO FIND A JOB. The easiest way to find the first job in the transcript on the online services of custom services such as “Throw the pig” or freelance.ua — there offer is not very large volumes, but you can try and understand how this kind of job is right for you. Offer on the job sites. On forums and social networks where journalists sit, you can advertise that you offer such services. Also worth looking for in the Internet group in the format of “earnings at the polls” and offer them their services of decryption. Usually happy to agree, because such experts do not suffice.

HOW MUCH YOU EARN. This job is not paid very highly. 60 minutes transcript pay from 200 to 400 UAH. Note that even the most experienced decryptor for a full day the day will be able to work not more than 60-90 minutes of recording, so probably it’s a small bonus in times of financial crisis.

TECHNIQUE IS NOT YET REACHED. Of course, at that time, when all the tasks computers, many people want to mechanize and simplify the process. There are programs on specialized sites that translate audio to text. But until the technique has not reached a level to “capture” the voice then no need to edit. Analyzers of speech razivaetsya very slowly and a replacement person is not yet invented. Another problem is that the machine doesn’t understand all the nuances of voice, writes all that he “hears”, “ekanem” and “mecanium”, can’t decipher the technical terms or abbreviations, if the speaker speaks indistinctly or unsaid words. Then the decryptor performs an editor, making the text palatable and understandable.

One of the most popular sites — “Voice Notepad” speechpad.ru. It is sufficient to register to get access to all its capabilities: you can dictate and play the audio, which “the idea”, the program should translate to text. “If you have a good microphone (not a built-in, for example, laptop) and enough patience to slowly and clearly pronounce each word, and pausing to let the program have time to “digest” information is something you can dictate. But even in perfect conditions, no extraneous noise and with perfect diction, get a lot of errors that are easier to print first, than rule. Record ordinary conversation, and even a few people, she does not understand. Honestly, just print the text “old” much faster”, — says the experience Victor.

Now the best option is to encrypt manually, but to use to support special programs. They lower noise, slow down or speed up the record, make the voice higher or lower.

Focus groups. Their opinion is important: marketers pay for text.


Brovarchanin Victor Rublev earns about 300 hryvnia per day, decoding the recording of marketing research. “Seven years ago I broke my leg and several months sitting at home. The money was needed and friends have been offered a job: to translate the text record of the round table focus group on yogurt. Six people are sitting, try a yogurt and discuss what it tastes like strawberry or strawberry, color, texture, and so on. The record was an hour and a half, “encrypted” I’m about three days. Now I do this kind of work done for the day. Never thought this would become my permanent job, but then appreciated the benefits: no need to drive to the office, no extra expenses for travel, meals, etc. In the end it turns out to earn as much and have more free time. Sometimes use friends-journalists with a request to decipher the interview. It’s funny that often it goes without edits. It is now so skilled at the “encrypt” that can simultaneously listen to Opera or to learn English. But this work fit only for the diligent.