Country (Ukraine): Reznikov believes that the Donbass will be to reintegrate in Ukraine for another 25 years

Reintegration of Donbass could take 25 years. To return the territories under control of Ukraine, will take around a generation. So says Deputy Prime Minister — Minister for reintegration of the temporarily occupied territories Alexey Reznikov. He told this in an interview with the Commander in chief.

“Ukraine should be prepared to ensure that the reintegration is a long time” — he said.

According to him, even the most transparent elections in the Donbass, the situation will not change.

“Even if tomorrow we will hold elections in the territories, and this means that they will be free from occupation troops and there will be no illegal armed groups will be waving Ukrainian flags — this area will long remain a war zone. Both from the point of view of mining, and the mentality of the people,” he explained.

Reznikov asserts that ORDO even some young people miss the Soviet Union, although not lived in it.

“So safe reintegration will take at least 25 years. Is one generation must be replaced, when we will be able to say that restored control in the territories from the Ukrainian authorities would also lead to overcoming the destruction of the discord in the minds that are there. Because there are born children who do not know what a free Ukraine, and today you’re going to school. Therefore, it is a long time in any case and we need to prepare for it,” said the Minister.

He later Reznikov explained that the Minsk agreement can only be changed by the leaders of the Normandy Quartet.