Ukrainian Irina Varvynets climbed to the 32nd position in the pursuit

Stage of the biathlon world Cup in Ruhpolding, Germany finished the women’s pursuit.
After a solid basis in the sprint (plus 22 seconds before Koukalova), Finnish biathlete Kaisa Makarainen alone escaped the pursuit to the finish line.

Only at the third shooting Makarainen went to the penalty loop, and everything else was done so perfectly that brought Koukalova minute.

Among our women just had a brilliant race Irina Varvynets, which with clean shooting has risen from 52 to 20-th place.

Results pursuit:

1. Kaisa Mäkäräinen– 30.58,0 (0+0+1+0)
2. Gabriela Soukalova– +1.00,9 (2+0+0+0)
3. Marie Doran Aber– +1.23,1 (1+0+1+1)

20. Gasparin ELISA– +2.46,1 (0+0+0+0)
23. Anastasiya Merkushyna– +3.01,5 (0+1+1+1)
28. Valya Semerenko– +3.23,4 (1+0+1+0)
43. Julia Jim– +4.28,8 (2+1+3+2)