The world is on the verge of an epidemic of blindness – scientists

The point is that people spend hours in front of screens, different devices, harming their eyes. The light emitted by the screens, causing irreversible damage to the retina. And this is the main cause of Central blindness, writes “Orthodox”.

According to doctors, today’s children are beginning to use devices with screens as soon as possible. And it’s very disturbing. Scientists conducted an experiment with rats. They subjected the retina of animals of exposure to white led lighting from a tablet. Only in one case, I used filters, but not in another. In the end, if no filters have been used, in rats after three months, the indicators of cell death in the retina was increased by 23%. It threatened a real loss of vision.

Plus, increased expression of genes associated with cell death, ROS and the rate of release of enzymes, also provoking cell death. Fortunately, the correct filter was saved from negative effects. Experts examined the effects of light from different gadgets in the eyes of the children. Turned, eye children received three times more light with short waves, as they have rather short arms and the distance to the screen is small.

In addition to possible damage to the retina, due to the use of various devices appear dry eyes. Therefore, the doctors recommend every 20 minutes to take a break. Shown simple exercises: you need to look away to the side for 20 seconds. This will allow the eye muscles to relax.