That will solve the trump for Ukraine

What policy will trump against our country? First, I want to note that the US President is well aware of the situation in Ukraine — I was confirmed by sources in the Republican party and members of the new team in the White House. Moreover, trump already had a conversation with the Ambassador of Ukraine to the United States Valeriy Chaly.

Also, the new American President has already given his foreign policy team is instructed to begin preparations for the visit of Petro Poroshenko in the United States. When will this visit take place? While the working date is late February. In the future, it all depends on the Ukrainian Ambassador. So the rumors that Ukraine now will change, and that all bad is not true. Another issue is that the final authorized visit dates yet, but trump determined to meet with the Ukrainian President.

The initiative is now on the Ukrainian side. We have to present to the Americans a number of questions, including Crimea, Donbas, the situation with the continuation of the reforms; but the new administration has made clear that a priority for the mutual benefits. If we want to get something from the Americans, we must show that we can give them in return.

Traditional issues of the fight against corruption and reforms for the Republicans are not principled. For them the main thing — a question of benefits and the creation of a security zone; if Ukraine will be able to guarantee this, we will be able to count on strong political support not only from the White House.

At the same time Ukraine does not need a weak trump; it is beneficial to Putin. Therefore, it is beneficial all the protests and stuffing dossier Buzzfeed about prostitutes in Moscow hotel, which, as they say, initiated by Russia.

Now for us it is very important that trump’s meeting with Putin took place after the meeting with Petro Poroshenko. And it is possible: as I said the Americans, Putin would not be in a hurry. He expects trump himself humbly come to him and will be asking for a meeting; the Americans are not going to force a meeting. They plan at the end of the week a telephone conversation trump with the Russian President, but the possibility of meeting with Putin Americans are not yet ready to discuss.

They consider that the meeting should ask the Junior partner; for example, when Ukraine asks about the meeting they are ready. They expect, and that Putin himself would call, and he, of course, will not do this.

Another important moment in the team Tillerson to the post of Deputy Secretary of state, you may receive the Paul Dobriansky, who worked in the administration of George W. Bush, which has long supported Ukraine. If she becomes the Deputy Secretary of state, it would mean the strengthening of the Ukrainian vector and a clear signal about the direction of the state Department. At the moment he is one of two candidates for the post of Deputy Secretary of state.