Dear Russians, your violence is not manly

In Russia reduced punishments for domestic violence. In the future, for he now only face a fine or detention for 15 days. Before that it was envisaged deprivation of liberty for a term up to two years.


Resolved and declared that domestic violence in Russia is no longer a criminal offence if it is — how shall I say?— not beyond. If the health of the victim did not suffer serious damage. That decision had been adopted in the third reading by the Russian Parliament on Friday. In fairness I must say that quite without punishment domestic violence will remain. It is still considered a violation of the order. But it is not a crime.


It was still to the great annoyance of the Russian politicians who consider themselves conservatives, true to Russian tradition, first of all for a Deputy of the state Duma Elena Mizulina.


She said this week in Parliament: “as terrible As it may sound, the word “beating”, in fact it is violence without causing bodily harm or even violence without violence.” That is to say, alternative to violence — as well as existing alternative facts, which we happen to know this week.


The argument for the abolition of punishment for domestic violence, which usually means a father’s violence or the violence of a distinguished wife, looks like we are for a stable family. We don’t want to penalize the father who brings up his child because it is his right, if all remains within. If he’s not beaten to death their child. Or his wife.


Then it is better in the West pampered


In the foreign language class in school we were taught to know the character and style of a nation by its language, special expressions and words, their sound. Well, let’s go.


There is a Russian saying: “Beats — means loves”. Known cases when Russian mother of this worldly wisdom was comforting his daughters who were beaten by their husbands.


Dear Russians, you are willing to mock pampered Western man. And you are so wrong. Yes, there is a whole world away from our yoga sessions and evenings with parents in Montessori schools, and this world will always exist. And the boy who once got into a fight in the school yard, is not the case for therapy.


But there is something absolutely unacceptable: violence against clearly weaker, in fact, someone you should protect. That, dear Russian man, not just indecent and unworthy — it is absolutely not a man.