To the world day cake: how to eat sweets and not get fat

How many doctors are not advised to include in the diet cakes, they say they are to blame for the development of a number of diseases from tooth decay to diabetes, fans of this dessert. Moreover, the love for him they are “immortalized” in international day: international day of the cake chocolate lovers will celebrate today!

However, the doctors are a little disingenuous: it turns out that if you follow a number of rules for the “welcome” cake, it could brighten routine, with no tangible harm. To understand these rules helped us judge — Ludmila Denisenko, independent nutritionist and member of the European Association for the study of obesity.


The cake falls about a quarter of daily norm of calories! Besides, cake is a simple carbohydrate, quickly causing hunger, so the more “dose” of cake — the more people will eat other foods to get energy. This leads to weight gain.

Besides, a small piece of cake is even metered, but a daily joy. Accordingly, people will not be looking for it further and again will not overeat. And fun is also a positive effect on the Central nervous system, and as a consequence, the performance of other systems and organs.


Insulin spike in the morning, and then a sharp and swift decline in blood sugar (remember, the cake is a fast carbohydrates) will lead to breakdown. But it’s useless in the afternoon when you need to redo a lot of cases.

For dinner (especially a late and defective) the cake is not: after 17:00 will slow down the digestive tract and metabolism, and in the morning the man will be called a carbohydrate hangover: headache, dizziness, weakness. Another consequence of “the hangover” — the reduction of muscle blood: if is not I want, badly digested food (enzymes will be enough) will join the fat depot, and if you do not eat in the morning, the sickness will increase.

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There will also be the weight gain, because the day people will eat at 27-30% more necessary, as the body will require energy in reserve (what if tomorrow and the day after in the morning underfed, and then not feed at all?). Also “dances” with the level of glucose in the blood increases the alcohol. Because — no champagne or liqueur with a bit of sugar cake.


Regular consumption of sugar is a “murder” of the pancreas, resulting in the particular development of diabetes, and if the fat and pancreatitis.

Please note that the pancreas is not a paired organ. Then there are assistant it does not — as, for example, kidney and to regenerate itself like the liver, she can’t. Because prefer cakes with fruit, jelly, yoghurt or unsweetened meringue: the fat content of these cakes 3-4 times less than those with a cream of butter, condensed milk or sour cream. Cakes the smaller the better: flour is a simple carbohydrate and gluten. But its regular use is threatened by food allergies, metabolic and gastrointestinal tract (symptom of failures — bloating and rumbling in the intestines).