25 years of diplomatic friendship

Diplomatic relations Ukraine and Portugal during the last quarter of the century: 7 January 1992, Portugal has recognized Ukraine as an independent and sovereign state, signed by both countries on 27 January 1992 the Protocol on establishing diplomatic relations officially marked the beginning of a new stage in cooperation between our countries.

The last 25 years has been to Ukraine a difficult time when the country needed you to solve a number of serious political problems, we are talking about two key events: the Orange revolution (late 2004) and the advantages of the Revolution known as Euromaidan (late 2013, early 2014), which led to the birth and formation of Ukrainian political nation. Starting in 2014, Ukraine is going through tragic times because of the bloody struggle for its territorial integrity against an aggressor, which is its nearest neighbour, a major military power, Russia. Meanwhile, in accordance with international law, after signing the Budapest Memorandum in 1994, she needs to become one of the guarantors of Ukraine’s sovereignty.

In the past three years, Ukraine is trying by diplomatic means to attract the attention of the international community to the illegal occupation of the Crimean Peninsula to the Russian aggression in Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts, as well as making efforts to combat Kremlin propaganda around the world, a powerful weapon with which Moscow successfully “let people dust in the eyes”.

In this difficult time, our sincere friends and partners becomes for us each time more and more important.

I hold the position of Ambassador of Ukraine in Portugal just over a year and can confidently say that the Portuguese people is a true friend of the Ukrainian people — as they say “a friend in need” — which in addition to bilateral relations, provides ongoing support for Ukraine in the EU and other international organizations (UN, NATO, OSCE, etc.).

After the illegal referendum in Crimea, which resulted in the temporary occupation by Russia of the Peninsula, Portugal March 27, 2014 supported the territorial integrity of Ukraine, voted for the relevant resolution of the UN General Assembly (A /Res/68/262).

Another expression of solidarity and friendly relations in Portugal is to support her European interest in the Ukrainian question. With equal pleasure I want to note the fact that in may 2015, Portugal ratified the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU.

In the framework of our cooperation, which are based on a total of 50 agreements, there is mutual interest in strengthening political relations, expanding trade and investment flows and create new partnerships in the scientific, technical, cultural and educational spheres.

An historic first for both countries, the summit was held in Lisbon in December 1996, during the OSCE summit.

In 2016, the political dialogue between the two countries reached a new level. In addition to the meeting of the President of Ukraine and Prime Minister of Portugal in Istanbul was held the political and military-political consultations, followed by the official visit of the Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine to Portugal. Last year was also marked by the intensification of inter-parliamentary relations: in November 2016, an official visit to Ukraine of the delegation of the Assembly of the Republic of Portugal.

Between our countries continue to exist close ties. There is no doubt that a significant number living in Portugal citizens of Ukrainian origin, is already well integrated into Portuguese society contributed to strengthening the Portuguese-Ukrainian relations.

For many years the relations between Ukraine and Portugal maintained a fraternal character. Thus, our main task is to, based on democratic values, reinforcing them in the future.