Dutch airline was not allowed in the United States 7 citizens after the decree of the trump

Dutch airline KLM has denied seven citizens, presumably from the Middle East, flights to USA. It is reported TASS with reference to Reuters.

“Worldwide, we have had seven passengers, which we had to notify that it makes no sense to use our services for their flights in the USA”, – quotes Agency the representative of airline. She also noted that “still not enough clarity about who is covered under the ban.”

On Wednesday, the US President signed two documents aimed at tightening immigration policy and border control. The first involves the construction of a “major physical barrier on the southern border” of the United States. The second aims to “enhance public safety inside the United States,” he will address the issue of the implementation of the national legislation regulating immigration.

In accordance with the text of the second decree trump limited to 90 days of the entry of persons from certain countries with a predominantly Muslim population, however, about what countries there is a speech, the document is not explained. According to U.S. media, these countries are Iraq, Iran, Syria, Sudan, Yemen, Libya and Somalia.