How to restore the disturbed sleep schedule and do not give to receive insomnia

Sleep is an important component of human life that affect different spheres of life. Because sleep disorders can lead to various diseases, and behavior of sleep-deprived person will be dominated by irritability, anger, etc. the formula Works in reverse: a complex situations in life can disrupt sleep or and does cause insomnia.

“Today” talked to the expert of the Center for sleep Zoya Sand and the Deputy Department head of the Institute Bogomoletz Nana Voitenko on how to avoid sleep disorders.


One of the most common causes of disturbing sleep or insomnia, not caused by the disease — experienced, experienced or anticipated stress.

“When unjustly reprimanded the boss, a fight with a friend, the stranger was unfair to you… very Few people can leave this situation and more not to think about it, explains Nana Voitenko. We scrolled and scrolled the situation in his head, losing the dialogue/situation again, sorry we didn’t respond differently, etc. Sometimes the event can be so hurt that even the night can’t sleep a wink in the man seething energy of the unsayable and resentment, and to throw out it does not work. In such a situation the best way — to understand the stress and get it under control.”

A specialist in sleep disorders Zoe Peskov believes that the best way to resolve a quarrel, despite the fact that after a fight with his hands do not wave, be sure to talk with the offender about what happened. It is in the interests of both.

“The abuser might already regret what I said. And even if not — the person who suffers from insomnia, somehow splash out energy. But the renewal of the quarrel — not a panacea. And if its probability is high, you need to look at the situation — perhaps it’s better to go for a walk or even go for a run. It is possible to allocate 10-20 minutes, even if the work in the office. Or at least do push-UPS or some crunches. Physical exercise great reduce the level of adrenaline,” she says.


Often, according to doctors, patients come with complaints of health, but the cause of strange problems: tests can be normal, background to the disease do not exist etc. Then, a detailed consideration of the case, a specialist in sleep discovers that the cause of the disease was a special “savings” time to sleep — trying to sleep as little as possible to do more.

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“These patients are referring to the fact that some historically recognized geniuses slept only a few hours, says Zoe Peskova. But their error is that they did not study the situation for many such individuals, in reality there is no evidence that they slept so little. Besides, they don’t pochityvaya that some person, indeed, could sleep a few hours, but doing it a few times a day.” By the way, to “fragmented” sleep experts have no complaints: so people can adjust the time of rest of the body.

“If the person slept 4 hours at night, NAP for 1,5 hours, and then again in the evening on the same — it will not be considered a sleep disorder. It is regarded as a full seven-hour sleep,” says Nana Voitenko.


The reason for the lack of sleep can be a mental fatigue. Depending on the psyche, a person can just disconnect and go to sleep, maybe tired, let’s assume, for the time, the product of large-scale calculations, etc., which he diligently tries to do efficiently, that at all desire will not be able to sleep. In this case, the brain surge can not stop thinking on further work or to stop to analyze already produced.

The yield here, according to doctors, can only be in the distribution of power. That is, a long job, you should immediately develop a schedule: a few hours of work, lunch, work, 15-30 minutes of sleep. But if you suspect that the work will be late — “quiet time” need to arrange another evening: from 15 to 30 minutes to 1.5 hours. So you kill several birds with one stone: not pareuchaetes for heavy work, will not acquire insomnia and remember more than if you can’t sleep.

“At the same time to devote to sleep you have is from 15 to 30 minutes: during this time has not yet come to the phase of deep sleep, and you Wake up easily. Or that 1.5 hours is the time of a full cycle of sleep in which you sleep and Wake up will be easy, but excessive slackness will not be,” explains Nana Voitenko.

In addition, sleep is very useful for memorizing and learning information. The expert explains: the brain is not present, the lymph system, and the only time the purification of the brain from the products of its metabolism during sleep. At the same time occurs consolidation of memory: remembering, learning, learning from past experience, knowledge and good decision-making. Without proper sleep, to remember, to learn and to work really hard shift, but rather it’s like cramming an extra examination when the student has learned everything by heart and night, and knowledge as if evaporated.


If a person is constantly sleeping more than 10 hours and never misses a chance to sleep another day, it is better to be surveyed. “This may indicate lack of sleep, and may be a sign of neurological problems that lie deeper than the usual fatigue, says Nana Voitenko. In such cases it is better to contact the experts, and in parallel to adjust the related factors: a comfortable pillow, a warm blanket, the darkness during sleep, the temperature of 18-20 °C”.