The wall of shame

In the coming days the President of Mexico and some of his Ministers will be the first formal enumeration of the wall — yet virtual — shame. As announced to the people, they are determined to defend national sovereignty, economic and political independence of Mexico, and to support open trade and globalization at any cost, if necessary.

People are asking themselves what they can do in the face of threats, announced by the new US Administration. Not to give in, ask to go in a position to give some time to adjust to the changes, or to retaliate, for example, to raise taxes and thereby protect the processing and mining industry, including oil and gas, mining, steel mills and the entire chain of processing. As well as the production of automobiles, energy and electronics that provide industrial development of the country.

Currently, the trade turnover between the two countries is so high that nearly 80% of Mexican exports go to the United States, representing nearly $ 400 billion. Import from USA is much less, resulting in a trade surplus in favor of Mexico. Based on this, Donald trump said that our country has huge advantages, which he wants to balance.

He therefore proposed to introduce a 35% tariff on all imports from Mexico of goods, impose a tax on remittances from migrants living in the United States and to restrict free entry of Mexicans in the United States, and to expel from the territory of this country of illegal migrants and persons with criminal records.

During his election campaign trump announced the withdrawal from the Treaty, the TPP and the revision or cancellation of free trade Agreement North America concluded between Canada, Mexico and the United States. Yesterday the official sources of the United States in Ottawa, said about the cancellation of the free trade Agreement of North America, leaving Mexico alone to lead trade negotiations in the framework of the visit of President Enrique peña Nieto and some members of his Cabinet in Washington, which will take place next week.

Mexico will now have one to discuss the new scheme and decide whether to agree to new terms and changes, or to withdraw from the Treaty and thereby nullify those difficult efforts to promote trade, taken 22 years ago by the government of Carlos Salinas de Gortari.

At first glance, the position of the canadian government expressed the following: we love our Mexican friends, but first, our national interests, and then to friendship. Canada also supports the United States with close trade relations, sending it to the US market 74% of its exports, which is comparable Mexican figure. But the canadian economy is more diversified and the internal market more sustainable. According to the newspaper El País, another government source told Reuters news Agency that Mexico is hanging by his legs out the window of a skyscraper. She’s in a terrible situation situation. With Canada it’s different.

Certainly, the free trade Agreement of North America will be one of the main topics at the meeting of the presidents of Mexico and the United States, but will discuss other fundamental issues, such as migration, security, protectionist measures and the termination of accommodation (gaining in recent years increasingly high rates) in the Mexican territory of American plants and factories. This would negatively affect employment and job creation. In this sense, the meeting of the leaders of the two countries will be of vital importance for the Mexican economy, as happens at the moment of the sharp depreciation of the peso against the dollar and other international currencies. In addition, the increased level of inflation, and among Mexican and foreign investors increasingly spreading uncertainty.

Now it is becoming more obvious that the neo-liberal economic policy pursued in Mexico over the past 30 years, is about to enter a phase of deep crisis. Some of us for a long time talking about the inaccuracy of the model, sharpened to a dependence on only one country. We had also identified the need to diversify our economy, strengthening the industry and domestic market with a real and consistent increase in wages and purchasing power to encourage demand and improve the dynamics of domestic growth, which could save the country from crises which, unfortunately, is apparently closing in on us.

© AP Photo, Julie WatsonЗабор on the border of Mexico and USA

Mexico is not ready for this drastic change, not to mention the reception and decent employment of their compatriots, who may be deported. In fact, who will pay the wages and provide the same level of welfare, which they with such efforts, risk and deprivation made in the United States? Only the most negative forces of the society can involve them in illegal activity, the crank thus the political power and the rule of law in Mexico.

If to all aforesaid we will add a wall of shame that the Administration of Donald trump intends to build on the boundary of three thousand miles which separates our countries, then the situation is even more complicated because not only the unilateral actions of our Northern neighbors, but also isolation and acute internal problems will put Mexico in a very vulnerable position. But while there is still time to steer the country towards growth and shared prosperity, to those who enriched themselves over the past 30-40 years due to the exploitation and plundering of the national heritage, has contributed to the development of the country. Otherwise history will not forgive them.

All, first and foremost, the ruling circles, have obligations and are responsible to our children and future generations. To rise, to unite, to organize and to do everything possible to build a better future for all.