That the world shadow government wants to do with trump?

First, we note that the tone signals, which to date the United States gave via trump (although they are somewhat uneven), was in the spirit: to bring US in the old days, we, if need be, “burn Washington, the whole world.” But burn it immediately, you have to understand. While they only hold the matches, the gasoline, and in order give voice to their desires. You can also call this mental state “a daring cowboy”, which has expired. That is the situation of absolute helplessness!

Yes, the new President trump is a choice, with the United States as a state wish to implement what they wanted, but were unable to implement the previous President to Obama; only this time with the help of his “rough version”. Consequently, trump has arisen not casually and not suddenly. Such a view of only trying to create. That is a Hollywood joke. Like this?

As you remember, Obama came to power under the slogan of change. And the result? Ruins and disappointment! It is entirely the fault of Obama? Of course not. He was just trying to play its role, for better or worse, and when the desired result is not obtained, Obama is the scapegoat. Therefore, Obama was bad by the first alternative to the world shadow government, and the opportunity to realize this alternative is no longer there.

The US made a mistake!

In that moment, when the United States after the cold war said, “We won” — they are, in fact, began to lose. Their “existence — force legitimacy” has always been tied to “the other”, the enemy. They wanted to overcome this with the help of 11 September, but everything went wrong from the very beginning. Instead target a center, they piled on the peripheral zone, and in this regard chose to make “enemies” those who were previously their “ally” against the “other.”

In the end, cowboy, cut the branch on which he sat, expected it fell against the wall.

Then simply place the Crusader’s world of shadow government, sharply batkovshina in the wall, brought to power another Crusader in the guise of a Muslim and thus wanted to get out of the impasse, which turned out to be. And Obama, regarding type, is quite consistent with these plans. But the color of his skin, and attempts to portray empathy in the face and chewing gum are not enough in order to provide the desired communication and cooperation between the US and “other”. So much so that Obama, who over time began to clip the wings, everywhere tighten the screws.

The US primarily seek to put in order themselves and the West!

Now the United States at the trump return as his true face and start the operation, which previously had to start. They realized that the path to becoming a hegemon is primarily through the Washington — new York, capital in Europe, and particularly representing it in Brussels.

More specifically, the priority of the United States and therefore trump — first of all your own home and the near abroad / buffer zone. And the meaning that arises before us in the form of the EU and NATO. In this regard, it would be useful to carefully observe the Quartet “of the US — Germany — UK — France”.

The assessment, which White house spokesman Sean Spicer (Sean Spicer) gave in connection with trump’s opinion on the NATO daily briefing, acquires at the moment of special significance.

It was just one day after James Mattis (James Mattis), pogovorili on the phone with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said: “NATO is very important for US, and Washington will keep its commitment to the Alliance”, — the official representative of the White house announced the latest view of trump, who in his earlier statements insisted that NATO has lost its role, and the U.S. spends on the organization more money than necessary. So, Spicer said: “the President does not believe that NATO acts in accordance with the purposes of its creation, and finds NATO an effective organization.”

Here you can see three meanings: USA or close “shop”, or restructuring organization, or create from it a smaller / mobile structure. When you look at the current atmosphere of relations between the US and Europe, we can assume that the third alternative will be for US preferable.

Yes, apparently, “change”, which couldn’t carry out Obama, trump implements a much more radical way. Here we are, apparently, talking about the domestic system, the international system and various institutional restructuring and cooperation, which the United States in this regard will develop with its allies. Thus, we go through a very risky and dangerous period, which can also be called “turbulence US — global system.”

In circumstances when the US / West are in the zone of turbulence, for us that is why it is crucial to emerge from the turbulence in which we now dwell. The Turkish-Islamic world should not miss this opportunity that occurs once in a hundred years!