In USA 8-year-old boy stole a car from their parents and sister in the trunk went to McDonald’s

In the us state of Ohio is an eight year old boy stole his parents ‘ car while they slept. The child has learned to drive thanks to video tutorials on YouTube. TJ reported with reference to the channel Fox8.

Officer Jacob köhler (Koehler Jacob), who are investigating the case, said that the incident occurred on Sunday, April 9. The boy’s father worked all day and went to bed early. Their mother watched my kids, but then also fell asleep.

The boy stole his parents ‘ car and headed to McDonald’s. His four year old sister sat in the trunk. The baby traveled about three miles, crossed four crossroads, moved railroad tracks and made a couple of turns. Witnesses said that he obeyed the speed limit and pay attention to road signs.

Soon, one of them told the police about the child sitting in the car. Police said that he was waiting for calls reporting mashed urns or mailboxes, but they were not. “He did not hurt. It’s incredible,” he said.

The boy pulled up to the window of the café and ordered a cheeseburger, French fries and nuggets. He paid money from his piggy Bank. The employees of the institution admitted that he accepted the incident was a prank.

After police arrived, the boy burst into tears and told one of the staff that just wanted to eat a cheeseburger. “This is not the result of negligence, oversight,” said she. “The boy and his sister got Breakfast, lunch and dinner, but he still wanted to eat a cheeseburger”.

I think of the incident you can extract a good lesson. With the way technology children will soon learn to do anything. This child learned to drive on YouTube. Most likely, he just watched a five minute video and decided it was time to go.

Jacob KEhler, patrol officer:
On the question of how the boy managed to get the car keys, he said that he stood on tiptoe and reached for them.

A family friend, by chance, find themselves in the same place, notified the grandparents of the children about the incident. Brother and sister managed to eat the cheeseburger before the police arrived. The parents took the children from the scene. No charges in their address to the police were not nominated.

In August 2016 Omsk police stopped the SUV, behind the wheel sat the 11 year old boy. He told law enforcement officers that agreed with his father and went to the store for ice cream.