Five samples of American military equipment, which should be afraid of Russia and China

In American small wars powerful self-propelled howitzers recently on the backburner. However, it is still a powerful weapon. These howitzers and four kinds of military equipment make a list of the terrible weapons that do not want to face any country in the world.

The us army has no shortage of lethal weapons. Some samples are too expensive, some too complex. And yet there is such military equipment that they want to create policies and defense contractors, but don’t want to see soldiers on the battlefield.

However, today the US army have immense firepower that can be used in a variety of situations, from local counterinsurgency wars and ending large-scale hostilities with the use of mechanized units and formations. Here are five of the best examples of military equipment in service with the US army.

Helicopter AH-64 Apache

There is a certain irony in the fact that the best weapon of the US army is the helicopter. But given the conflicts in which in recent times involved the armed forces of the United States, and which may arise in the future, air power is a decisive factor.

Apache helicopter, equipped with 30-millimeter cannon, Hellfire missiles, and modern detection devices, combines firepower, speed and range, allowing the ground forces to strike at the enemy long before their units on the firing range. He’s equally effective against fighters and in the destruction of armoured columns of the enemy. Apache has been successfully applied in a variety of conflicts, from the “desert Storm” to the Afghan war.

Perhaps most importantly, the ground forces themselves are in command of Apache helicopters, and they do not need in such cases to ask for close air support to air force and Navy. An attack helicopter cannot and will never be able to replace the fighting on the battlefield the infantry. But the army appreciates the fire support, which he has.

Tank M-1 Abrams

Is tank M-1 Abrams is the best in the world? It depends on who you talk to and what country your chat partner. But it is undeniable one of the best tanks in the world.

The weight of the M-1A2 is 60 tons, it is armed with 120mm cannon, using depleted uranium ammunition, armor thickness up to a meter, and its maximum speed is 65 kilometers per hour. In 1991, these tanks defeated the Iraqi armored forces equipped with Soviet-made equipment. It is possible that they can do the same with modern Chinese tanks type 99. In battle, it was destroyed very few tanks “Abrams”, and that ISIL (banned in Russia organization — approx. building) destroyed or captured Iraqi tanks M-1, more about the quality of training of crews, rather than on the characteristics of the tank.

Self-propelled guns M-109A6 Paladin

These powerful self-propelled howitzers recently on the backburner in the small wars of the United States. However, it is still a formidable weapon.

Paladin is the latest version of the venerable self-propelled artillery M-109. It is possible to fire 155-mm rocket-assisted ammunition at ranges up to 32 kilometers. In addition, it uses shells guided by GPS or by laser beam.


It seems that Russia (and before it the Soviet Union) dominated in the field of anti-tank missiles, though most likely, this conclusion is based on the volume of sales of such weapons, as well as from the kind of serious threat to tanks in the West poses to Russia and its clients. Therefore, you can easily forget that the us army is not the last place in the development of anti-tank missiles.

ATGM TOW still has a strong position in the army, but is in service for almost 45 years. He destroyed tanks (mostly Russian) in Vietnam, Arab-Israeli wars, the Iran-Iraq war, and now kills in Syria. The new version of the TOW 2B has a different modification of missiles, including concrete, as well as the Aero model, which explodes above the tank, punching his thin upper armor.

Machine gun M-2 12.7×99 mm

This may seem strange, when we refer to the best models of weapons machine gun, which is 80 years old. But it is a wonderful weapon, and it is used to this day after almost a century of operation and countless wars.

M-2 was designed back in the days when Franklin Roosevelt became President, and Hitler even came to power in Germany. This gun is used worldwide as anti-aircraft weapons, for the destruction of military vehicles and destruction of the personnel. In its capacity it is closer to a small cannon. The upgraded version of the M2A1 machine gun has a quick-change barrel and a flash suppressor for night shooting.