Will the rapprochement between Russia and the United States to global destabilization?

During the inauguration of a new President of the United States Donald trump said: “every country has the right primarily to take care of their own interests. We won’t impose their way of life.” It demanded that the President of the United States.

President Putin has repeatedly criticized the United States for the fact that they invade other countries and into the sphere of influence of Russia under the banner of the struggle for freedom and democracy. The Russian leader stressed the need to respect the values and interests of other countries, which are connected with history and tradition, and to stop imposing American way of life.

Trump has demonstrated that he differs from the Obama administration, which was in confrontation with Russia, and perhaps Putin will use this as a sign of reconciliation. There are rumors that Russia intervened in the election of the American President with cyber attacks. Against this background, there were opportunities for reconciliation between Russia and the United States.

Very nice that Russian-American relations are strained to the limit when the Obama administration began to improve. However, it is optimistic to perceive the prospects of a new relationship between the US and Russia.

After the Second world war, the United States led the world in the center of which were Europe and Japan, associated with values such as freedom and democracy. Russia and China opposed such “diplomacy values”.

Trump announced the transition to “commercial diplomacy” in which priority is given not to the idea, and profits. As a result, the probability that the state of Affairs in the world can change.

In his speech at the inauguration ceremony of the trump touched on the topic of the new Alliance to counter the terrorist activities of the “Islamic state”. Hardly, you might think that he meant Russia, but are concerned that his speech resonates with the Putin’s speech at the UN General Assembly in September 2015.
Then Putin has avoided confrontation on the Ukrainian issue and urged the US to jointly fight against the “Islamic state”.

He also mentioned the Yalta system, which indicates the world order after the Second world war. At the end of this war, the United States, Britain and the Soviet Union went beyond values and have joined together to sign a secret agreement that divided postwar Europe into East and West.

Russian political analyst Dmitry Trenin said that President Putin is committed to a “second Yalta”. He warns that because of the decline of US influence again there comes a time when superpower force will establish the world order.

If they have common interests, like the fight against ISIS, the U.S. and Russia can begin to act together. However, unlike the Union, based on shared values, this relationship will not differ stability. Of extreme concern is the fact that the trade diplomacy of Russia and the US could further destabilize the world.