The foreign Ministry of Ukraine explained why the Ukrainians with ID-passports are not allowed to Belarus

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine hope soon to resolve the issue of admission of citizens of Ukraine to Belarus ID-passports. About it the press Secretary of the Ministry of internal Affairs in Donetsk region said today at a briefing in Kiev.

“I understand that the Belarusian side has no machines that read ID cards, and in accordance with the bilateral agreement entry is for internal passports. But we have consultations ongoing. I think that this issue will be resolved soon,” said Betz.

As reported, from January 1, 2016 Ukraine, introduced internal passports of the new sample in the form of a plastic ID card.

Agreement between the government of Belarus and the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on visa-free trips of citizens was signed on 12 June 2009.

The state border Committee of the Republic of Belarus stated that the agreement of the new Ukrainian passport as ID card is not provided as a document for crossing the state border of Belarus.

To resolve this issue , the Belarusian side can pass through the border of Ukraine citizens only with a valid documents: passport (ID card) and internal passports of the old sample (paper-based).