Poroshenko’s visit to Berlin: the value of the position of Chancellor Merkel for Ukraine

Working visit of Petro Poroshenko in Berlin on 20 may and a meeting with Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel at her country residence, the castle Meseberg — were held in a friendly atmosphere. According to the Ukrainian leader, a significant portion of time was dedicated to coordinating actions for the implementation of the Minsk agreements, alternatives which, as said Poroshenko, the Ukrainian side still did not see.

“It is stated that Russia is not fulfilling the Minsk agreements and we need to develop a script that would motivate Russia to sit at the negotiating table and to implement what it promised in the first place, relative to the component security” — said President Poroshenko.

Also as a result of the Berlin meeting it became known that Germany is ready to intensify the work of “Norman format” and advocated a more active involvement of the countries “Big seven” to support Ukrainian reforms. This was reported by press Secretary Poroshenko Svyatoslav Tsigalko, and his words confirmed by the first Vice-speaker of Parliament Irina Gerashchenko. “And Mrs Merkel and President Poroshenko called for the intensification of the “Normandy format” for the implementation of the Minsk agreements and to find ways of resolving the situation in Donbass”, — said Gerashchenko.

Interviewed by “Glavred” the experts also noted the warm and friendly atmosphere of the meeting, Merkel and Poroshenko, and also the fact that the Chancellor remains the most influential leader of the European countries, which shared the position of Ukraine in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. The scientists also stressed the importance of the fact that the meeting took place on the eve of the summits “the Big seven” and “Big twenty”. According to them, this meeting allowed Merkel to clarify the position of Ukraine in the course of summits to solve issues on settlement of the situation in the Donbass, representing and defending the interests of the city.


Editor-in-chief Diplomat, head of Center for Russian studies, former Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Volodymyr Ogryzko:

Meeting of Poroshenko and Merkel in Berlin is really positive and successful step of our diplomacy, especially on the eve of the summit “the Big seven”. Since it is necessary to accurately convey to the members of the “Big seven” information that really is from Ukraine, and concerning the situation in the Crimea and in the Donbas.

Though it was a working visit, but it does not change anything. The EU has long abandoned the ceremonies, drums and other things — there is almost all the visits are working. This greatly simplifies the procedure, allows you to quickly get to the point, and not to engage in legal refinements.

So the working level of this visit in no way affected the essence. And it was that the President and the Chancellor discussed the issues in detail is important for Ukraine issues. I think this practice should apply to all participants of the “Big seven”, although, of course, Germany in this respect, plays a priority role.

The result of this meeting, Chancellor Merkel will be duly informed about the situation in Ukraine, and this means that it will be able to respond to proposals and draft decisions on the summit “the Big seven”. And while Merkel will represent and protect the interests of Ukraine, since it will know the real situation.

Editor-in-chief Political analyst Alexander paly:

Visit of President Poroshenko and Chancellor Merkel took place before the summits “the Big seven” and “Big twenty” and that is a good sign. This meeting on the eve of the summits are important because Germany elected chief Communicator with the leading countries. During this meeting it became clear Ukraine’s position that, in the course of the summits was to solve issues on settlement of the situation in our country. Also find out the position of Ukraine for the formation and then the overall position of the countries “the Big seven” for discussion at the meeting “Big twenty”.

In General, the atmosphere of Poroshenko’s visit to Germany was very good, which was evident not only in statements but also in photos. Poroshenko said that it was a genuine, good and Frank meeting. But if politicians talk about everything, this means that there was a discussion. After all, Germany, on the one hand, fully subscribes to the Ukrainian position concerning territorial integrity. And on the other — Berlin is interested in reducing the degree of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict and its final resolution.

It was a perfectly normal negotiations that took place in a very friendly atmosphere. It is obvious that Ukraine behaves constructively and is ready to perform the Minsk agreement, but safety first. Very good that this attitude — safety first — support and the United States, and Germany, and recently the French authorities made such statements. That is, to the position of Ukraine seriously listen leading countries of the world.

Germany is now under pressure, including under the pressure of a possible intervention of Russia in the German elections, under the pressure of all the Russian spy possibilities. With France, Russia has not developed — Russia, a completely dismissive attitude to this country and the French electoral process, saying, the most important is the United States and Germany. It was wrong, and Russia and France lost (in France, the presidential elections won by Pro-European Emmanuel macron, not Pro marine Le Pen. — Ed.).

Now the Russians are serious bid will be on the German elections. And in this country in recent years, Russian corruption investment has created a lot of problems. But despite this, there is a positive moment for Ukraine: the social democratic leadership, and the leadership of the Christian democracy, in principle, occupy the same position, and the Russians there is nothing special to “catch”.

Editor-in-chief Director of the Institute for political analysis and international studies Sergey Tolstov:

President Poroshenko is trying to maintain the status quo, which was at or even less in recent years as Merkel remains the most influential leader of the separating Ukrainian position. At least in respect of Donbass and Russia’s role.

However, the overall situation is not very favorable for Poroshenko. Since the position of Italy, Japan, Germany and to some extent Canada is becoming more conciliatory towards Russia and less interested in Ukrainian matters. And, of course, the position of trump and his administration are also negative given that they intend to completely cut off grant military assistance to Ukraine and to reduce it to some other countries. According to the latest plans of the US budget for 2018, Ukraine in General remains without the grant military assistance, remain unchanged only the indicators for Israel and Egypt. So in this respect the situation is unfavorable for Ukraine.

Therefore, Poroshenko tried to get certain assurances Merkel. However, its position will obviously be in the minority. Because other countries “Big seven” reduce his attention to the Ukrainian question.

The next point is about Makron. It was expected that he and Germany will be very sharp contradictions regarding reforms of the European Union. But while they managed to slow down the matter and to agree on deeper permanent consultations. But since the “Norman format” will continue its work, Poroshenko interest was to get from Merkel’s assurance that she will convince him to support the Ukrainian position, or at least to keep the position that was under President Hollande. But here the question is that Putin took the initiative and will convince Him to take the Russian position.

The outcome of Poroshenko’s visit to Germany especially, and be them could not, because it was only advice and attempt to promote their own positions.