The Sun (UK): scientists find signs Covid-19 eight years ago

Virologist Jonathan Latham and biologist Allison Wilson found evidence that a new type of coronavirus could be transmitted from bat to man back in 2012. This was reported by the newspaper The Sun.

It is noted that while six Chinese miners from the Yunnan province for about two weeks mine was purified from feces of bats, and then got sick. The doctor who treated them, recorded the symptoms of the novel coronavirus COVID-19, pneumonia, dry cough, pain in the limbs and high fever.

According to the records of the physician, all the miners needed a ventilator, but three of them still died.

Samples of six patients were studied in the laboratory of Wuhan, and then said that the miners sick with coronavirus, similar to SARS, specified in the message.

Based on this, the researchers assume that COVID-19 was already adapted to the human body.

We will remind, the Chinese experts in February stated that the most likely source and spread of a new type of coronavirus is a bat.