Groisman gave “absolutely clear” the task of the whole government

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has started the discussion of the medium-term government action plan until 2020. This was said by Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman, opening meeting of Cabinet of Ministers on Wednesday.

“Yesterday I had a very interesting discussion with the participation of Ministers who are associated with financial-economic bloc of the government, with the issue of economic development. We met with the expert environment, said medium-term action plan, which is an absolute reality,” he said.

According Groisman, in 2016-m to year the government managed to achieve macroeconomic stabilization: “At the end of 2016 year, we have a positive signal regarding economic growth.”

“In 2014-15 years we had a 6-10% drop. Finally in 2016, the year this decline was halted and we moved on to growth. The obvious fact that growth should strengthen. Systematic work related to the growth of the national economy, will enable us to accelerate this growth,” he said.

But, as the Prime Minister said it needs to make a number of serious and specific things. “Yesterday at the round table with the participation of experts we discussed very specific steps that will enable us to ensure stable economic growth. It is important to look for 2017-2020 th year. We envisage that this plan of action will be for 4 years. I really wish that this was not the plan of our government plan, it should be an action plan of Ukraine. And it needs to be so unifying, to all those who are actually sick for Ukraine, was joined to its formation and the execution,” – said Groisman.

The head of government announced on Friday a meeting with experts regarding the division of education, division of human capital. And today the Cabinet will discuss a plan of action for the reform of the public service.

“In fact, we quickly arrive at an action plan. This is not a regular document that someone writes, someone presents, and then thrown somewhere on the roadside. This is a real document, which clearly will define what must be done by each Ministry in its sector of responsibility in order to ensure economic growth and social justice in our country, and reform in the system infrastructure, and improving the quality of education. Sector reforms today is of critical importance to our state,” he stressed.

“It is important that the ministries that today are carried out round tables and discussions, the maximum covered range of participants. At the end of the discussion we have to a unifying document. I will urge absolutely everyone to unite around the implementation of this document because there are issues related to the work of the government related to the work of the Ukrainian Parliament, other authorities. We need to unite around the fact that this plan became a reality. I have absolutely clear task for us all: economic growth, higher wages for Ukrainians, for people – work, normal infrastructure, quality education, quality health care. I think 3-4 years in the medium term, we can achieve success”, – said Groisman.

We will remind that earlier the Cabinet has presented a strategy of Ukraine’s development for the next three years. The action plan was discussed with international partners. It was, in particular, on the measures that will allow Ukraine to return investment and make the economy for import-dependent export and competitive.

Among the main objectives is the development of the defense industry, the tourism industry and easing the pressure on small and medium business.