“Star wars”: that could mean the title “the Last Jedi”?

Judging by the titles, the name “Star wars: the last Jedi” is not too explains what it’s about. As is clear today, “Empire strikes back” was much more direct title. But this uncertainty does not prevent us to vigorously discuss what is meant by the title of the new film.

A new film by Rian Johnson (Rian Johnson), the sequel to J. J. Abrams (JJ Abrams) 2015, will be released in December, and we are confident that by that time there will be more details, not to mention one or two commercials.

In the meantime, we will offer you several popular theories regarding the meaning of “the last Jedi”.

1. The last Jedi is Luke


This, of course, the most obvious option, but he seems the most likely.

For starters, we know that during the time preceding the events of the film “the force awakens”, a veteran of Luke Skywalker (mark Hamill) trained a new generation of Jedi, including his nephew Ben (Adam Driver).

Many fans believe that when Ben turned to the dark side and call myself a new sexy name Kyle Wren, he destroyed the other knights (in the episodes about the past in this film there is a scene confirming this version, though some believe that Kyle drew and his other friends). Luke managed to survive the massacre, and turned it into the last Jedi.

Secondly, it is worth noting that in the opening “the Awakening power” the credits his character is described this way:

“Luke Skywalker disappeared. In his absence the evil of the FIRST ORDER has risen from the ashes of the Empire and will not stop until Skywalker, the last Jedi, will not be destroyed.”

Finally, this theory confirms the rumors that the first part of the trilogy will focus, mainly, Han Solo, the character Harrison Ford, and two others — Luke and Leia, although now it is unclear how the death of Carrie Fisher will affect the last film.

2. The last Jedi is Luke, but he was replaced by Rey

We certainly hope that Luke did not happen, but… ray, the character Daisy Ridley, has already shown that he is endowed with Power in a phenomenal degree, so she most likely also will become a Jedi. If this happens, it will be able to inherit the mantle of the last Jedi in the course of the film.

3. The last Jedi is plural. Ray will not replace the Hatch and join him

No kidding, let’s get into this fact. After spending hours discussing the question “Who is the last Jedi?”, we realized that the word Jedi as it sounds the same in the plural and in the singular, so that the question can be asked: “Who are the last Jedi?”

In this case the title may refer to Luke and ray together, as well as all the other Jedi, who are lurking somewhere.

4. The last Jedi is a metaphor, talking about “the last Jedi part” of the soul of Kyle Wren

Okay, this interpretation is quite awkward, not to mention its pretentiousness, but not completely far-fetched. Most of the “Awakening forces” dedicated to the fact that Kyle Wren is not completely gone over to the dark side (remember the heartbreaking scene when Leia asks Han Solo to return their son?). Perhaps the next films will also touch upon the subject, and the phrase “the last Jedi” has a hidden meaning.

Of course, Kyle never was a real Jedi… but he was preparing to become one, when he came under the influence of Snoke, and that means he’s probably still destined to be a Jedi.

5. The last Jedi is part of the larger phrase, and its value will be unexpected.

Snook: “to be honest, Kyle, you’re not the last student of the Jedi who I drew. There is one, and his name is Keith”.

Luke: “Wow, ray! The last Jedi who possessed the Power exactly the same as you, called Anakin. But I called him Vader. And then the father”.

MAZ Rope: “It’s a long story… But the last Jedi, to whom I gave my heart, was Yoda.”

All this was considered, although the likelihood of this is small.

Another may be that all the names of the new movies are connected in a certain phrase: “the Force awakens last Jedi…”.

Will the last film of the trilogy to be called “…just in time for Breakfast?”

6. The last Jedi is a new character that we haven’t heard anything.

Is it likely that another student Luke managed to escape and somewhere to hide? Or, on the other hand, there are several other Jedi? Perhaps the film will focus on the attempts of Luke and ray to find a new Jedi? We have no idea… but it doesn’t sound too inconceivable.

7. The last Jedi is Snook

There is no reason to assume that will be so. But, when you consider that about Smoke we still do not really know and that it would be a stunning plot twist, we are ready in advance to support this theory.