Ukraine’s public debt has increased markedly

Total public (direct) and guaranteed debt of Ukraine in January increased by 0,34%. Thus, the state debt of Ukraine reached UAH 1,931 trillion, or 71,21 billion, according to the Ministry of Finance.

“The increase in government debt in January due to the financing of the state budget at the expense of hozaystvennih, as well as capitalization of Ukreximbank and Oschadbank”, – explained in the Ministry of Finance.

Ukraine’s state debt by the end of January was $ 1,652 trillion UAH or 60,91 billion, including external — 981,05 billion, or 36,18 billion.

Government guaranteed debt amounted to 279,33 billion or 10.3 billion, including external — 260,28 billion, or 9.6 billion dollars.

Recall, while gross external debt of Ukraine by 1 January 2017, made up 113,483 billion dollars. Is 5.2 billion (4.4 per cent) lower than in early 2016