Media called the author of “compromising of the Russian Federation” on trump

The author of the incriminating dossier on elected President of the United States Donald trump is a former British intelligence officer Christopher Steele. About it writes “Ukrainian truth” with reference to the newspaper the Wall Street Journal.

Now 52-year-old Steele is one of two Directors of the London company Orbis Business Intelligence Ltd.

The second Director, 58-year-old Christopher burrows, said that would not “confirm or deny” that the report on the trump has made his firm.
Sam Steele also gave no comment about it. The newspaper writes that assistant Steele to repeated requests for comment stated that this issue was “too hot”.

According to the profile of burrows on LinkedIn, he was an adviser in the Ministry of foreign Affairs of great Britain, he had a business trip to Brussels and new Delhi in 2000-ies. The foreign Ministry declined to comment. LinkedIn profile Steele no details about his career.

According to the newspaper, intelligence officials often use diplomatic missions as cover for his espionage activities.

Orbis Business Intelligence was founded in 2009 by former specialists of the British intelligence, said on the company website. Corporate reports indicate that Orbis is owned by another company, which, in turn, is jointly owned by Steele and burrows.

According to the newspaper, the dossier on trump consists of a series of unsigned notes, which is thought to have been composed in the period June to December 2016. In addition to creating this dossier, Steele also developed a plan to obtain information for law enforcement agencies in the U.S. and Europe, including the FBI.

January 11, the website BuzzFeed published a paper stating that trump was monitored in the Moscow Ritz Carlon. Allegedly, in the room elected President of the USA the cameras were installed and trump called prostitutes. Trump all denied the charges.

Earlier, CNN reported that US President Barack Obama and President-elect, Donald Trump was presented the secret documents, which contain the assertion that Russia has compromising information about the personal lives and financial activities of trump.