How to be friends with Russia

Colleagues of the speaker of the Lithuanian Parliament, who on the eve of 13 January, touting itself in the company of Russian Ambassador Alexander Udaltsov — kęstutis Smirnovas and Dainius Kepenis — claim that it is necessary to warm the cold relations with Russia and be friends with her. According to them, first and foremost, it must be done in the field of culture, sports, formation of public opinion.

“There must be cooperation, and the common people culture and sport pose no immediate danger. […] With their neighbors should be friends. Albeit there are other intentions, but it is better to be friends and know what they think, not to fight,” said MP “peasant” Smirnovas.

With greater openness expressed his odnopartiets Kepanis: “We hear that Lithuania is the second enemy of Russia after the United States. Do we like it? And if you are friends, talk, say, what we are enemies… We are long time neighbors, the common races, festivals, Wellness school… Then became unnecessary, prohibited, have cooled relations. I think it’s not good.”

The problem is not that such thinking smacks of not decorating a representative of the people stupid, and that it is in Lithuania, widespread, readily accepted as a socio-cultural alternative to hostility between the two countries. No matter where you were, everywhere you hear that the endless aggression against its neighbors, the poor economic and social situation, Eastern the enslavement of their own people and hopeless backlog from the West are not guilty of Russian society and the state.

In this lies the essential error of the victims of subtle propaganda and lies of the purveyors of the propaganda that Russia is trying to pass for face value, because such a representation is its political aspirations. What would you think of the Kremlin, admit that Russian society and culture is beautiful, so you should be friends, not paying attention to the fleeting political moments. To hell with politics, let’s be friends on the level of culture and society.


But in fact, the reason that the Russian society that lives with its Eastern state for hundreds of years and that political life does not understand, recognize or want. Although at first glance, the Russian society is very different from, say, companies in the Arab world, politically it looks like it, those that do not value freedom, does not ripen until the present Republic, and vividly the two extremes of tyranny as under Muammar Gaddafi or the prospect of bloody revolutionary mayhem. Only the Arabs have Islam, and Russia — messianism and communism. That such a society is tolerant to the state, and even support Putin’s Russia.

To be friends with this society and not be friends with Putin’s regime is the same as to be friends with the mother of Freddy Krueger who knows what he is doing to her son, but pays no attention to it, but bakes delicious muffins and is an interesting companion in those long evenings when Freddy isn’t home. With the so-called Russian society in the current conditions, nothing to say and no reason to be friends. Putin, quite naturally represents it, and that’s it. You say, high level of culture and so on? Do not cheat yourself.

To listen Pyotr Tchaikovsky is possible without the friendship with the Russian society, not maintaining a relationship with him. Not participating in races and festivals, referred to “peasant” Kepanis. Fyodor Dostoyevsky — also part of the great tradition of world literature, and not an element or property of modern Russian society. High culture is high culture in all countries and at all times. Although, however, there is the policy of the great Russian writers, serving Russian imperialism, but that is another topic. But the “mass culture” — pop — in Russia don’t differ, for the sake of what it would cost to take along with other elements of its propaganda.

Deputy Kepanis promoting joint races and festivals, as Smirnovas proving that we should be friends through culture and sport, touch on a very sensitive chord — the General tendency of the masses to entertainment and the tendency of such prefer entertainment societies for universal brotherhood and apolitical. Meanwhile, Putin’s Russia, like Nazi Germany, knows how through culture and sport is a great politician, hiding behind the shield of the brotherhood and apolitical.

Kepanis, Smirnovas and their constituents or do not understand or pretend not to understand. Anyway, ignorance does not exempt from liability. As is no excuse and the Lithuanian journalists, who, trembling with happiness and excitement votes, talked about the lovely opening of the Olympic games in Sochi — “forget-about-politics-sport-is-all-just-sport”. No, sports is great entertainment, and these entertainment — an excellent soil for propagation.


So it was in 2014 during the winter Olympics in Sochi, so it was in 1936 during the summer Olympics in Nazi Germany. Mass sports and cultural events help the “abnormal” state to show the West the illusion of normality. How about Germany of those times, said Nicolas O’shaughnessy: “Despite the uniform and public sermons, Nazi Germany was similar to a normal Western state. Dominated by the illusion of normality, which is consciously supported by government, which wanted to keep “modern” (pseudoplasticity) image.

Before the Second world war, Germany was not sealed state, as the hermetic Kingdom of North Korea; it does not suppress other possibilities. The power is controlled a huge propaganda machine, and pointed out that can report on the media, but its other function was the reproduction of modern society” (“Selling Hitler. Propaganda and the Nazi Brand”. Hurst &Company, London, In 2016. P. 43.) The same can be said about Putin’s Russia. In this case, all the talk of Lithuanian politicians, artists, sports, public figures, friendship, sports, culture, races and festivals — the only bleating useful idiots, not versed in politics. How would it not sound unusual for many, the relationship must be maintained and strengthened not with the Russian society and the Russian authorities.

Political communication with Russia today is more important than cultural or sports. Yes, you have to say and understanding that would give tangible results and helped to ensure a more stable security in the region. The problem is that Russia does not want to listen and hear. An effective way to appeal to Russia to hear you — is the army tanks Heinz Guderian, break through to Moscow. It was a simple establishment and very close bilateral relations with Russia. She barely managed to resist them and could not stand without the help of allies. However, this method of communication is not appropriate of civilized Europe. To the allies, which decided the question of Hitler now faced the problem of Vladimir Putin.

The attempt to solve the problem of Hitler concessions and adaptation led to the outbreak of the Second world war. This should be a good lesson in business relations with Putin. For Lithuania strengthening the defense of NATO allies — the deployment of large forces is not on a rotational basis in the Baltic States to send Moscow a clear message of deterrence is not symbolic. Russia understands and hears appeals only from a position of strength, not concern the opponent, reducing their military forces, which demonstrated the Obama administration and the EU, which carried out the disarmament.

Friendly conversation with Moscow from a position of strength, which can be used against her, now really need. When in the end the results will provide security in the region, will be more forgiving to see this cultural sandbox in which to play longing for the joint festivals “peasants” such as Smirnovas and Kepanis.