How to learn to eat right: TOP 9 tips from the dietician

Go to proper nutrition can be quite difficult. Especially if you used in what does not deny. In addition, it is also important strength and a great desire, which will help to fight temptation.

Australian nutritionist Claire Collins gave nine tips on how to learn to eat properly, reports “New time”.

According to her, the need to rely on willpower, but instead to use the power of limits – a conscious decision to avoid situations in which you need willpower to refuse from favourite food.

TOP 9 strategies that will help to avoid the temptations:

1. Keep a fruit bowl in a prominent place in the kitchen, while the rest of the food stash in the fridge or put in opaque containers.

2. When you go to the supermarket, compose a list in advance, in which there will be cookies, candy bars and processed food. Studies show that those who adhere to the preliminary plan, eating more vegetables and fruits than those who walk to the store without a list.

3. Eat something useful before heading out with friends for coffee, so you don’t have to look in the menu, to swallow saliva and to repeat, like a mantra, “it’s just coffee, please.” A study involving 22 000 American adults showed that those who drink coffee or diet drinks also eat more junk food (e.g. fast food).

4. Refrain from snacking chocolates and other sweets.

5. Develop healthy food policies for workplace, to meetings, always had water and fruit.

6. Always keep near an Apple or other fruit (in your Desk drawer, purse, backpack or car), to, hungry, do not be tempted by a chocolate bar.

7. Do not put on a plate a lot of food to avoid the syndrome of “clean plates” that compel you to eat even what finish you want. Research shows that people eat about 92% of what is applied to itself. If you still want to eat more – better add a bowl of salad.

8. Don’t fall for promotions that encourage to buy products “in reserve”. According to studies, people who purchase the products in bulk packs, eat more than those who prefer the standard packaging.

9. If you are dealing with a buffet first, inspect the entire range and select the most useful one.

Research shows that most people gain what they see first. So if buffet can be arranged you will place the most useful products as close as possible to the guests.

In addition, Claire believes that if you want to stop “fly” with diets and constantly snacking to auto, take the time to develop the right strategy. Plan your meals in advance to avoid the urge to eat or drink something that will not benefit you.

Meanwhile, doctors recommend all women to take folic acid.