Trump’s desire to make friends with Russia could lead to war in the Balkans – Foreign Policy

Repeatedly made by the President of the United States Donald trump the desire to avoid confrontation with Russia is likely to have serious consequences for the future stability of a number of States, primarily Kosovo. This writes the Professor of Westminster University (London) Aidan Hehir in an article for Foreign Policy, reports Inopressa.

“Despite 18 years of state-building in Kosovo, Serbs and Albanians there are, in fact, separately,” notes Hehir, Recalling that Kosovo is still not recognized by several countries, including Russia and China. The majority of Albanians believe that the only thing keeping Serbia from attack, it is a significant number of NATO troops in Kosovo, he said.

Knowing that Russia has more room to maneuver now, when trump came to power, Serbia can count on the fact that Russia will support it, if it starts the operation under the pretext of “protection of Serbs” in Northern Kosovo. Thus, it will be able to provoke NATO, says the author.

The invasion of Serbian forces may therefore lead to renewed violence, which began in March 2004, when Kosovo-wide riots broke out and the Serb monasteries and villages were attacked, which in turn may be the beginning of full-scale war.

“Instability in Kosovo is likely to spread and, thus, will have dire consequences for the entire region, especially for Macedonia and Bosnia. Peace and stability in the Balkans continue to be supported with difficulty, and it is not clear whether trump the opportunity – or, in fact, ready to negotiate the intricacies of the various inter – and intra-state situations,” the author concludes.

Earlier , the Minister of foreign Affairs of Kosovo Enver Hogi sent a letter to European Union, USA and other countries concerning “numerous provocations and acts of aggression” by Serbia. Enver Hogi wrote that the incident with the train was “the last event in the chain of aggressive and provocative actions that Serbia is doing against the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Republic of Kosovo”.

The President of Kosovo Hashim Thaci believes that Serbia is ready to Annex the Northern part of the region on the “Crimean scenario”.

We will remind, the Serbian President said he was willing to send troops to Kosovo to protect the Serbs”. His statement was a reaction to the incident with the Serbian train that passed through the territory of Kosovo on January 14.

Train Belgrade – Kosovska Mitrovica, on which was written “Kosovo is Serbia”, had to return to Serbia for reasons of security after Kosovo Albanians carried out a series of provocations to the movement of the train.