Al Jazeera (Qatar): the effective Japanese drug and the “red zone” of exclusion. Detailed information about the Russian way of dealing with the coronavirus

Japanese drug, a computer program, showing the degree of destruction of the body is infected, as well as the so — called “red zone” – here are some of the tools used by Russia in the fight against coronavirus. In this article we will talk about them in detail.

Sunday in Russia, there were 9 of 268 cases of infection with coronavirus, and the total number reached 405 843 cases.

As reported by Russian officials in the last 24 hours (on a Sunday) from the coronavirus died 138. There were 4693 deaths.

Let’s start with the drug, which is currently used by Russia. So, the Ministry of health approved the first drug against coronavirus in Russia, allowing the use of drugs, “Aviewer” for the treatment of patients with this disease (international name “Favipiravir”).

On the website of the state register of medicines in Russia stated that the Ministry of health allowed to use medication “Avidavit”.

According to the Russian TV channel, “Avidavit” is a joint venture between the Russian direct investment Fund (RDIF) and GK “Khimrar” under the brand name Avigan. The use of this drug began in Japan in 2014 for the treatment of severe forms of influenza.

Clinical trials of the drug “Aviewer” has shown that it is safe in the treatment of coronavirus and any new side effects that were not previously reported, are missing.

According to German news Agency, this drug achieves greater than 80%. This is much higher compared to other drugs that have been tried in Russia and abroad.

“Avidavit” is not only the first drug against coronavirus, registered in Russia, but perhaps the most promising drug used to treat covid-19, in the world.

According to the Chinese study, conducted in March, “Aviewer” was effective in the treatment of patients with coronavirus.

The study involved 340 patients with covid-19 in China. The British newspaper Daily Mail reported that those who took medication, recovered faster and showed a major improvement in the lungs than those who did not take the drug.

It is believed that “Aviewer” prevents the spread of coronavirus in the body.

“Aviewer” have helped patients with the coronavirus recover faster and had no apparent side effects. At the same time, according to the Daily Mail, according to the results of other experiments, “Aviewer” does not help patients with severe and progressive form of the disease.

Hospital No. 52

Now let’s talk about the front line — the medical brigades of the Russian public hospitals, fighting the coronavirus through preventive and very precise measures in order to limit the epidemic that has spread widely throughout the country.

Since the emergence of the first cases of infection with coronavirus infection in Russia began a process of reorganization and reorientation of both public and private hospitals.

City hospital № 52 is one of the main medical institutions providing care to patients with coronavirus in the capital — the epicenter of the epidemic. Some hospitals accept patients only with coronavirus, while the rest provide services to those who addresses with complaints.

Special procedures

Preventive measures in the hospital begin as soon as there arrives a patient with suspected coronavirus: it is met by health workers in protective suits, masks, glasses and gloves.

In the next phase, the medical staff checks whether the patient has a cough or shortness of breath, and only then the measurement of blood pressure and temperature.

After hospitalization of the patient in addition to blood test and test for coronavirus is a number of other important medical examinations, such as electrocardiogram (reflects the dynamics of the cardiac cycle).

According to their results, medical experts determine the condition of the patient and direct it to the relevant Department within the hospital.

“Red zone”

If the patient’s condition is critical and he was transferred to the intensive care unit, which is located in the “red zone”. If he has problems with breathing, it is connected to a ventilator.

Particular attention has been given to use by medical professionals working on the floors, where the treatment of patients with covid-19, protective equipment.

After the operation, each time the staff is taking a shower. As soon as the doctors and nurses leave the room, they wash their hands without removing your gloves.

In 52 Metropolitan hospital has a special Department for disinfection of the whole body, which medical personnel use before you leave the ICU and go to other areas.

After the end of the work shift, the team puts protective clothing and other materials in special bins in the basement of the hospital, and then go to change.


Chief doctor of the hospital Maryana Lysenko spoke about the challenges that originally confronted the hospital staff: “the Hospital was designed to combat infectious patients, therefore, during the work of doctors faced with some difficulties.”

In an interview with Anadolu Agency Lysenko noted that all issues have been resolved and the hospital is duly equipped with the necessary preventive means and tools.

“We have had enough time to prepare for the epidemic in comparison with suddenly affected China. We are in a better position,” she said. She also pointed to the decline in the incidence of coronavirus by 20% compared to March and April last year.

According to the chief physician, the hospital employs more than 3 thousand medical workers, and about 39 of them had contracted the coronavirus from direct communication with patients.

About 4 thousand patients have been discharged from the hospital, about 600 patients are still receiving treatment. Of these, 80 people are in critical condition.

On charges of concealing the real number of deaths from the coronavirus in Russia, Lysenko said: “People can talk about what you do not know, but our information is transparent and can be checked”.

The doctor told me about the beginning of maintenance of plasma with antibodies: “We used this method of treatment for 80 patients, and the results are very good.”

According to Lysenko, the hospital employs about 30 medical students, who is also involved in the fight against coronavirus.

Special program

From its part Sergey Tsarenko, anesthesiologist, hospital and medical intensive care, noted that he had developed a special computer program in the framework of measures for combating coronavirus.

According to him, the program shows the degree of damage of the body due to disease, using three colors. The hospital informed the health Ministry about the program and start the process of registration.