Honey and fruit juice can be dangerous for your health – scientists

Honey, fruit juice and corn syrup can be harmful to health if abused these products. They contained fructose increases the risk of weight gain, cardiovascular disease and liver damage stronger than glucose, says MedDaily.ru.

The researchers tested the effect that will have these two types of sugar metabolism and the vessels, to experiment on laboratory rats.

For eight weeks the animals were given together with food glucose (product of breakdown of carbohydrate) or fructose which is found in fruits and fruit juices. Control group rats received normal drinking water.

As shown by further observations, both groups of rats received sweetened solutions, consumed more calories compared with the control group.

However, only the representatives of “fructose” group showed significant increase of body weight. In addition, they have noted increasing levels of triglycerides, liver weight, and decrease fat burning in the liver (it is a risk factor of fatty hepatosis liver). Also they have bad relaxed the aorta that can affect blood pressure.

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