Zee News (India): Russia begins work on bomber, the PAK DA stealth

Strategic stealth bomber is the second Russian combat aircraft of the fifth generation (before it was developed supersonic fighter su-57), which will eventually replace the strategic bombers Tu-22, Tu-95 and Tu-160.

According to the Russian news Agency TASS, a senior source in the military-industrial complex confirmed the information about the construction of the bomber program PAK DA, made in the form of a flying wing. “Production of elements of the airframe will be engaged in one of the factories of the United aircraft Corporation (UAC), completed development of design documentation, has initiated the shipment of materials. Final Assembly of the whole machine to be completed in 2021” — quoted by TASS source.

Deputy defense Minister of Russia Alexei Krivoruchko in December 2019, reported the newspaper “Red star” that the project PAK DA received the necessary permission, then OKB Tupolev began work on the future strategic bomber.

Bomber PAK DA will use the latest technology and materials to reduce its radar signature, making it invisible to the enemy. Bomber will be subsonic, but will be configured for transportation of all cruise missiles of air basing, currently available in the Russian Arsenal, as well as hypersonic missiles X-47 “Dagger” and precision-guided bombs.

The first test flight of the PAK DA bomber will likely be held in late 2021 or early 2022. It is expected that the bomber will be part of the aerospace defence forces of Russia only by 2028 or 2029, after a thorough testing and development.

While the program PAK DA was carried out by “Dry” and eventually culminated in the establishment of the first Russian fighter stealth fifth generation su-57, the basic project PAK DA is the Tupolev bomber, and therefore, most likely, will wear the designation Tu.

The Russian Air and space forces have started to supply 76 su-57. Su-57 passed the battle test in Syria in 2018 and 2019.