In Ukraine, the massively Rob VIP-home

In Ukraine the rapidly growing number of thefts from apartments and houses, especially the elite. So, according to the interior Ministry for the year 2016 was a third of the robberies, more than in 2015: if last year was a little more than 22 thousand cases, then in 2016, almost 30 thousand apartments and houses cleaned out by thieves.

Against this background, increasingly the target of the burglar get luxury apartments and houses. If in the past attempts to penetrate into such housing were few, now they are tens. It happens that on account of one of the gang may be from 5 to 40 cases of theft with break-ins. For example, last year the police of Dnipropetrovsk region has reported that in Krivoy Rog was caught by the gang, which for 4 years has robbed more than 40 luxury homes.

During the past year police protection has detained more than 6200 thieves who tried on the elite and ordinary housing. “As for luxury homes, in recent years, recorded not only theft, but also assault and robbery — said “Today” head of the police Department of protection Sergey Budnik. Unfortunately, there are victims — the owners of homes or workers. For example, in horenychi village near Kiev, was the murder of the owner of the house, and then robbing homes. There was a case in Koncha Zaspa: guard and maid were tied up, robbed the house and took the car. Were the facts and in the Vasilkovsky area, and other areas.”

ROUTINES AND KARATE. According to Budnik, criminals carefully prepare for the attack: study the schedules of the owners and the guards, but slip up on the details. “Only one house, which I was told was a panic button to call for police protection, that is our soldiers. And pressed criminals themselves! The fact that when they tried to open the automatic gate and flee the scene, then pressed everything button. Our soldiers quickly arrived on alarm. In all other cases, was call buttons private security”. And clarifies that in the presence of the alarm housing, the thieves have almost no chance to escape — outfit arrives within 3-10 minutes. This Budnik adds that their fighters, among other things, improve karate skills to repel the aggressive burglar.

WEAPONS. According to the police, the current gangs are armed to the teeth. As a rule, they are at least three people, and in their Arsenal is already far not the crowbar (mini-crowbar for opening doors), lock picks and guns. “Unfortunately, some of these criminals are armed, there are even rocket-propelled grenades, says Budnik. — Recently, in the Kharkiv region was an attempt of penetration into the housing, where the robbers fired from such weapons. Trying to stop shots from grenade launchers and armored cars. In other words, makes itself known war in the East of the country.”

Care about security and the modern developers: “the increasing popularity began to use system of protection, which do not let a stranger even on the floor of a multistory building. The system is programmed so that the lift in the home can stay on all floors other than your (the tenants go to the floor above or below. — Ed.) and the floor, the stairwell is equipped with a door, which is only occupants of the floor or cage. The price of this system, — 2 thousand UAH for the whole floor”.

High-tech and “Caucasians”

In the national police told us about the novelties in the sphere of protection of housing, which can appear in the near future. “There are devices that are designed according to the wishes of customers and to what extent are analogy of “smart home”, — says Sergey Kiporuk police Department protection. — There is a service, which is currently being finalized. This is a special detector which is in the apartment and collects information from sensors that are placed in the other rooms, the Windows and doors. If one of the sensors is triggered, the alarm sends a signal to the remote (in the police. — Ed.). But to make it so that the signal received on the smartphone of the owner. In addition, in the future, and a service that allows you with your smartphone to disable the alarm in the house, and then re-enable it. This will allow parents to open the child-student of door in the house unless you give him the access code. The child calling the parents, which, for example, at work — they remotely turn off the alarm with your smartphone, and after the child entered the apartment again include it.” But, along with high-tech innovations, experts say that a good tool in the protection of housing will remain dogs, especially guardian breeds. “The demand for service dogs has been stable for several years, for example, the Caucasian shepherd”, — told us in the Cynological Union of Ukraine.