Tandem announced the official data on the hostages in Donbas

Today found and freed from captivity of militants nearly 3,100 people in captivity is 110 490 hostages and missing persons. This was told adviser to the head of the SBU Yuriy tandit, transfers “112 Ukraine”.

“The publication lists (Nadezhda Savchenko had previously published the lists of prisoners and detainees ukarintsev militants – Ed.) not give us the opportunity to accelerate the process of release or search of missing people,” – said of the Tandem.

According to him, there are formal structures that are directly involved in the process of release of prisoners.

“Released and found almost 3100 people. Left 110 490 hostages and missing children. And we’ll seek these guys until we find the last one. For us, this is our mission, our duty,” – said adviser to the head of the SBU.

While Tandit added that if someone has the opportunity to help release the hostages, you need to do it, but it is important not to interfere with the security services.

He also noted that the publication of their lists Savchenko has had a destructive influence on the process of liberation of hostages.

Recall, January 10 Hope Savchenko on the page in Facebook published a list of Ukrainians who are held captive or are still missing in the occupied territory of Donbass and in Russia, as well as the names of the persons required to give the militants the so-called”L/DNR”.

January 17 these lists were corrected. So, in the list of persons required to issue the so-called”DNR”, contains 525 names. The militants of the so-called”LPR” demand from Ukrainian side release 378.

Savchenko also published a list of 137 Ukrainians illegally held in the occupied part of Donbass.