Camera of auto-commit violations of traffic rules: the main use and the plans of the police

Until the end of the year cameras autocommit should be 6 times more

Camera of auto-commit violations of traffic rules operate in Ukraine for two months. To say that the drivers were not careful on the roads – the police says the real decline in the number of violations recorded. As is known, during the first 8 minutes of operation after installation of the first camera recorded 262 cases of speeding.

The event was so resonantthat about it on Twitter wrote the Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov.

“At 00:00 run autocommit speeding. In 8 minutes 45 cameras recorded 262 of excess,” wrote the Minister.

But every day cameras record less violations. In particular, the second month of operation of the cameras throughout Ukraine have shown that drivers do become more “obedient”. Although the number of total traffic violations for two months the camera – still impressive.

So, for two months of work the new camera autocommit recorded more than 1 million vehicles that exceeded the speed. But over time, that is, the longer the camera work, the less there is no breach. About this site “Today” reported first Deputy head of patrol police Department of Ukraine Alexey Biloshitsky.

“Now – more than 1 million of committed traffic violations. In addition, the number of such offenses reduced. Here is an example: in the early days camera was fixed to 57 thousand violations, now on the average 10 thousand to 12 thousand per day. Seeing that drivers have become more disciplined,” says Biloshitsky.