The top 8 foreign policy objectives for Ukraine

Ukrainian diplomacy will face a difficult year. Search contacts with the administration of Donald trump’s attempts to restore confidence in relations with the European Union, regular accusations of inefficiency Minister Pavlo Klimkin and foreign Minister in General — all this can not be avoided.

However, there are a number of areas for effort that not only look promising, but is able to bring “Peremoga without zrady”, what are you waiting for many Ukrainians, and that is so needed in our country. And additional funding of the foreign Ministry are one billion hryvnia must become as efficient as possible.

Talk about priorities.

To change the paradigm of positioning of Ukraine in the world

It is time for a sober approach to one’s own brand in the world. Indeed, the world community is quite favorable for Ukraine, but many of its members have their own interests and reasons.

Don’t look for a lot of people willing to challenge Russia. Better to make the effort to change the positioning of Ukraine, to pursue an active conversion, which will give the opportunity to talk about “largest European problem”, but the “space of possibilities” — economic, transit, energy — incidentally, the largest in Europe.

To stimulate interest in Ukraine creative activities, not to exaggerate the international service as a means of communicating information about our country.

To combine diplomatic effort and the realities of the development of the state

The time has come to abandon the geopolitical begging, because the revival of the Armed forces significantly strengthened the defense capability of Ukraine. In General, diplomatic efforts must be combined with the realities of the development of the country, among which, above all, internal transformation.

The world is entering a period not only violent displays of emotion at the highest level, but also pragmatic approaches to the potential of different countries.

It’s not vanity fair, and competitive environment, where we need to purposefully assert themselves.

To revise strategic partners

Now Ukraine has more than two dozen (the exact number is difficult to call) the countries with which it is linked by relations of strategic partnership, which with the intensity worthy of a better cause, declared Leonid Kuchma and Viktor Yushchenko.

Among them and Russia, although in reality, bilateral diplomatic relations have been frozen hybrid war, Turkmenistan with which we were accustomed gas interests, Georgia and Belarus, in which more than a year no Ukrainian ambassadors.

Obviously, it is advisable to clearly define the parameters of strategic partnership, to audit partners and focus on developing relationships with them, not wasting effort.

To publish a strategy for the return of the Crimea and Donbas

The appearance of this document has been last year, but it never happened. And it’s a bad signal, as there is a noticeable drop in the interest of the world community and influential international players to the events in Eastern Ukraine and in Crimea they displace from the information space other dramatic subjects of international relations.

To publish a strategy for the return of territories it is necessary not only in order to demonstrate to the world the determination to fight for them, but to encourage citizens of Ukraine residing in ORDA and Crimea, remind them that the homeland remembers them.

Be ready to change the Channel format

Diplomacy is always the people that protect the relevant public interest, so the format change will take place in the near future.

Leaving for President of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier, and it is unlikely his successor will be more authoritative diplomat, at least until the autumn of 2017. In the spring I will post Francois Hollande, in the autumn the post of Chancellor can lose Angela Merkel.

You should pay attention to Russia’s attempt to create, with the participation of Nadezhda Savchenko and the leaders of the terrorists fake the tripartite format of the talks in Minsk. Yes, the Normandy format and Minsk agreements do not cause enthusiasm among many Ukrainian politicians, however, the alternative must be reasonable and not forced.

To take into account the desacralization of diplomacy

The world is becoming more dynamic, it is less recognized authorities. Diplomatic activities are widely commented upon, and after the resonant events in social networks it is observed the invasion of the “experts”.

Desacralization of diplomacy involves and how it is approaching the daily agenda of the state acceleration response to information challenges, outreach not only with other States but also with their own fellow citizens.

The vote of Ukraine in the UN Security Council for a resolution condemning Israel for building settlements on Palestinian land, and further development of the situation in the information space should be a lesson for the foreign Ministry.

To maximize the chairmanship of the UN Security Council

Ukraine must constantly remind myself, to search for contacts not only with the countries-world leaders, and with representatives of Asia and Africa, with which relations should be built on the basis of pragmatism.

The chairmanship of the UN security Council is not just an excuse to Troll the Russian representative Vitaly Churkin, but also an opportunity to remind the world about Ukraine as an influential European country.

To become more active at the regional level

European and Euro-Atlantic integration, taking into account the objective and subjective reasons — rather, medium – and long-term goals. They need to be addressed comprehensively, however, not everything depends on Ukraine.

Meanwhile, the development of relations with neighbors — the sphere of competence of Ukraine. And there are at least two promising directions — the development of relations with the Visegrad four and finding ways of resuscitation of GUAM, which is possible due to the emergence of economic interest common to the Quartet of post-Soviet countries, each of which has problems in relations with Russia.