In the Ukrainian question trump can compromise with Russia

British broadcasting Corporation BBC summed up the speech of the new US President Donald trump, which he delivered during his inauguration on Friday, January 20. Often in his speech were the words “America” and “Americans”. Guest of Polish Radio, Zbigniew Pisarski, head of the Foundation named after Kazimierz Pulaski, says it’s not surprised:

It is better to such words than obscene that sounded more than once in public speeches trump. I have the impression that when we listened to his speech, not by chance began to rain, Warsaw plunged into the smog, the sun hid behind, something started to change…

Many, however, surprised, said Zbigniew Pisarski that in the speech of the new President repeated the slogan “America first,” America first:

This is still the tone of the campaign that surprised, I think, many. We were hoping in the inaugural speech trump will be outlined the main objectives that it will be well-prepared that it will be some new discovery, it would be the end of oratorical style — a rather demagogic — which is understandable in an election campaign. But apparently, President trump is very consistent. He begins to realize that what was said in the campaign. Take his first Executive order, so-called executive order (decree of the President of the United States that do not require congressional approval). It concerns the law on health care in America. De facto this is the beginning of undermining Obamacair (healthcare Reform and the protection of patients, which is considered the main achievement of the presidency of Barack Obama).

According to Zbigniew Piterskogo, the new President of the United States is full of contradictions, so do not fully count on the United States, especially in the field of security and in fulfillment of political promises:

We’re counting on it, but honestly, I think that bougatsa other is an illusory calculation. Why we do not rely on themselves — as in the Polish and in the European context? Polish security is based on the European cooperation, both economic and military. Military cooperation is more rigid, here NATO, especially the United States support us. But shouldn’t we as Poland and Europe to take care of your own safety, do not look to others expecting them to help us constantly? Especially when you consider that Europe is not among the poorest regions of the world and able to Fund their security. If this problem is approached constructively and positively, maybe we will begin to take responsibility for themselves, not thinking, will you forget about us, or won’t forget? Maybe then we’ll get out of some traps, in which the US, wishing us well, invited us. As if we are being held hostage, waiting on whether the new occupant of the White house to continue to care for the countries of Europe. That is, the unions, the agreement is good, but let’s hope for themselves.

Zbigniew Pisarski also commented on the words of Donald trump that the US for too long defended other countries and not ourselves. He believes that such statements are addressed to the electorate, voters:

I think that focusing on America, and mainly in the economic sphere, is quite typical for the presidency of Donald trump. Many commented that his inaugural speech was in the nature of a Declaration: America is going in the direction of isolationism and protectionism. Moreover, protectionism is quite expressive, that is, in the direction of protecting the economic market of the United States from other economic centers. We can say that symbolic was the fact that the President trump has not delegated representatives of a strong US economy at the international economic form in Davos, and in fact the United States is the cradle of the world order, first of all, with regard to liberal trade. But in Davos the President of China said it will defend this world order. In other words, the baton was adopted by the Chinese, who still refused this responsibility or participation in the responsibility for the economic and military fate of the world. In this regard starts quite a serious change. It seems to me that we are waiting for another four and maybe eight years and the prospect of a new role in the international arena, which will play the United States.

According to Zbigniew Piterskogo, a trump presidency could also mean the redistribution of spheres of influence in the world:

Americans are interested in Europe when Europe has problems. I must say that in recent years, the orientation of the USA towards Europe was. But it seems to me that President trump will focus more on China and the middle East. This follows also from the team of his advisers. Take, General Flynn, who participated in operations in the middle East — Syria, Iraq. In this regard, it is expected that the new American President will be much closer — and that trump said during the campaign — the case of the Middle East. For us it is very bad signal, because for Russia the most important is Ukraine. Here the United States can make a compromise: you Russians leave the middle East, and as Americans, we cease to protect Ukraine and give it to you as your area of influence.