Scientists have found a way to cure tooth decay

Scientists believe that the lichen will help cure tooth decay. Canadian experts have identified the lichen unique molecules that possess antibacterial properties, writes “Orthodox”.

These molecules assist in the fight against harmful germs that form on teeth plaque. The scientific staff of the Laval University found two unique molecules of lichen, which purifies the oral cavity from most of the pathogens.

However, the researchers made a note that these amazing properties have only those lichens that grow in the Northern part of Canada. His healing power is often used in the medical field.

Phytochemical analysis Severodonetsky lichens helped to allocate more than 10 new connections that are actively exploring in the local bio-and himlaboratorii. 2 of novovedeny compounds before that the world is not met, the remaining 9 have “flashed” in other organisms. 6 of them help in the treatment of periodontitis and caries.