Eye: simple exercises that will help improve eyesight

The human eye, like any organ, is functioning better and with less stress adapt to changing conditions if it is to train. Therefore the experts recommend to do special exercises for eyes. And it is very important to do it not just daily, but every 40-50 minutes of any work: the eye of the person working constantly, even when working in an office behind a computer, at least in the shop for the machine, even in the care of children and husband at home.

According to our experts, even simple movements of the eyes in the hand and is known from a school bench looking at the extreme points of the window can help the eyes is primarily due to the relaxation and nutrition of the tissues (as increasing blood flow). But in order to optimize the effect of fitness for the eyes, is to work with the problem that is most pronounced. Let’s face it.



Increases the blood flow.

Within two minutes, quickly and without effort blink, as do the characters of the comedies, wanting someone to seduce.


Strengthens the muscles of the eyelids.

Shut your eyes tight for 5 seconds, then wide open them — like the wolf in “red riding Hood”. Hold for 2-3 seconds, repeat 8-10 times.


Increases circulation of intraocular fluid.

Three fingers of each hand press on the upper eyelids, 1-2 seconds, remove your fingers from the century. Repeat 3 times.


Improves the nutrition of the eye.

With a maximum amplitude of move eyes left-right, up-down, diagonally (in opposite directions), arc (convex and concave), a circle (clockwise and Vice versa), the diamond, Bantu, square.

5. The JETS

Tone the vascular system of the visual apparatus.

Morning and evening, rinse eyes (closed!). Morning — first significantly hot water (but not burning!), then the cold. Before you sleep, in reverse order: the cold, and then hot water.


…MYOPIA — “mash” accommodative apparatus: the mechanism responsible for the seamless switching of the eye at far and near distances, when this disorder fails.


Make a mark on the wall (can be imaginary). And every hour, not getting up, for a minute look at her and to the most distant point outside the window, lingering eyes in each position for 3-4 seconds.

…HYPEROPIA is to relax the visual system: the same as in the previous disease, impaired accommodation, but as with any other — has been a strain.


Carefully RUB your palms together and close their closed eyelids. Imagine something pleasant and try this something to consider in the darkness.

…The SQUINT — eye to teach the nerves and muscles to work in an unusual position: in this problem, the position of the eye of the camera is broken.


If the eyes are sloping to the nose, hold it to your finger and, taking his arm forward and right, follow my finger, and then switch the view beyond the window to nowhere (the more — the better) for 2-3 seconds. If the eyes are beveled in hand, charging with examining “anywhere” outside the window, move the view of the finger outstretched hands and not releasing it, put it to his nose. Repeat 5 times.

…FATIGUE — to arrange palming the eyes with fatigue vision temporarily worsens, and quickly bring the eyes back to normal helps the concentrated contemplation of light (but not sun or bulb!).


Cover with the palm of the left eye view on any subject, and now it look left eye, covering the right. Light a candle and 5 seconds look at it the worse seeing eye, then the better the seeing. Repeat 4-5 times for each eye, after worse seeing eye.

Throw a “shower” eyes.


Play 30-40 minutes in basketball or tennis, or a large table.

Eat 200-300 g of fruit and red vegetables (beets, bell peppers, berries, apples), orange (carrots, pumpkin) and purple (cabbage, eggplant, grapes, plum) colors.

Very useful for the eyes.