How much for communal pay Ukraine’s neighbors: who is more expensive and why

In Ukraine this year, utilities was at a record high. Over the past year grew in price: heating, hot and cold water, electricity and gas. Bills for December for many Ukrainians were suddenly “too heavy”. The capital cost of heating a one bedroom apartment on average costs about two thousand hryvnia. The website “Segodnia” find out how much you pay for utilities and neighbors as Ukrainians to spend less.


During the heating season 70% payment for communal heating is. On average, according to experts, for heating two-bedroom apartments have to spend 1.3 Gcal heat tariff “Kyivenergo” – 1841,9 hryvnia. In Russia, for the same amount of heat will have to pay about 1000 hryvnia, in Poland – more than two thousand, and in Minsk – only 245 USD.

In Poland the cost of heating primarily depends on the fare group. An average of 1.3 Gcal can be dispensed to the inhabitants of Warsaw to 2,360 USD. It is worth noting that energy consumption in Poland is three times less than in Ukraine. The heating of one square meter costs of the poles about 2.5 zlotys (16,8 hryvnia). At the same time, at the rate of “Kyivenergo” heating of one square meter costs of 32.9 hryvnia, that is two times more expensive.

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In the Russian capital of 1 Gcal of heat costs from 1006 to 2101 ruble. So, on heating a two-bedroom apartment on average will have to spend from 631 to 1,272 USD. The average salary in Moscow more than 25 thousand UAH (in Kiev – 9 thousand hryvnias). However, it is worth noting that the hotel uses Russian gas for domestic consumers much cheaper.

Hot and cold water

One cubic meter of hot water in Kiev is of 83.1 hryvnia. If the family uses five cubic meters per month, only for hot water supply you will have to pay of 415.5 hryvnia. At the same time, cold water in the Ukrainian capital costs 13.77 hryvnia per cubic meter. In Russia 1 cubic meter of cold water is 57,46 rubles (27 USD) and per cubic meter of hot have to pay 163,24 ruble (76 UAH). So, a family who spends a month five cubic meters, will pay 380 USD.

In Belarus cubic meter of cold water costs 68 cents (less than ten hryvnia). But as for the hot water, then Belarusians pay separately for water and separately for thermal energy, which is used for heating.

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In Poland, a cubic meter of cold water costs 11 PLN, and a cubic meter of hot – 30 PLN. Accordingly, five cubic meters of water will cost in the thousand (or 150 PLN).

Note, the tariff for water supply in Ukraine expects each company separately. The tariff components one for all: depreciation, salaries, electricity, repairs, taxes, etc. the share of these components at each enterprise is different: it depends on the hardware and network status, and the level of wages. The city Council approves the programme of development of the enterprise and considering the planned rate, the final decision of the national Commission of regulation of energy and utilities (NKREKU). The main requirement of the Commission rate must cover all costs and include depreciation.

In 2017, as stated in the presentation NKREKU, cold water for Ukrainians to rise on average by 9%. Kyivvodokanal plans to raise the rate of 16.4%, the largest rise in prices is expected in the “Zhytomyrvodokanal” – 18.2%. At the same time in the southern water will rise by only 6.2%.

It should be noted that the cost of hot water for the Ukrainians is different in different regions. So, in Kuznetsovsk of Rivne region 14,88 cubic meters worth UAH, and clients as one of CTV in Dnepropetrovsk will be forced to pay 85,83 UAH for the same amount of hot water.


In 2015 the national Commission decree №220 approved a gradual increase in the cost of electricity. The last stage is in March 2017. Now the Ukrainians for every 1 kWh when the consumption is less than 100 kW are paid to 71.4 cents, and the first of March will pay 90 cents. If consumption more than 100 kWh each kWh until March will still be worth 129 cents, and after Mar – 168 cents.

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For example, if the family uses 200 kWh per month, until the first of March will have to pay for electricity to 200, 4 hryvnia, and after March 2017 258 USD.

In Poland, 1 kWh costs 0,65 zł and 200 cubic meters of poles have to pay 130 zlotys, or 870 USD. In Belarus for the same amount of light will have to pay a total of 335 USD, and in Russia – about UAH 500.

As noted in the national Commission, to gradually increase tariffs for Ukrainians was performed to eliminate cross-subsidies and adjustment of prices for these resources up to the level of the market.

How to pay less

An expert in the field of energy efficiency Anna Shumeiko says: for the month hundreds of liters of water gets wasted. Now every family can start saving water by using a few simple tips. You first need to install lever taps. According to the expert, during the year, these taps will save up to 300 hryvnia.

In addition, the expert recommends:

To change or “upgrade” to a cistern. Experts also suggest to change the cistern in the toilet for one that uses less water. You can buy a special tank with energy-saving system, which controls the flow of water, or just set into the tank filled with water plastic bottle – this will help reduce the volume of water in the tank.

A new washing machine. Washing machine with energy class A+ and higher will help to save tens of gallons of water. Also the washing machine should fill, but not overload, as this increases the electricity consumption.

Washing the dishes is not running water and to save water. To save water should also install shower heads and faucets with low-flow or spray onto the faucet. In addition, many, as the polls, forget to turn off the water while brushing your teeth.

Take a shower and not a bath. Taking a shower within five minutes, consumed a maximum of 100 liters of water and filling the bath, you need more than 200 liters. In Kiev, a cubic meter of hot water with towel rail is of 83.1 UAH.

Experts in the field of energy efficiency suggest: the fastest way to save on electricity is to install energy-saving lamps. The lamp power of 0.022 kWh you can buy for 98 USD. For example, to replace all the bulbs in a Studio apartment (for one lamp in the kitchen, in the bathroom, the hallway and the bathroom and three in the chandelier in the room) will need 686 USD.

If the lamp power of 75 W in the hallway for two hours a day, in the toilet – an hour in the bathroom 3 hours in the kitchen – 5 hours in the room – 6 hours per month only for “light” typed 65.2 per kWh. At the same time, energy-saving lamps will spend under the same conditions, 19 kW*yaas. At the moment, every kilowatt of 1.29 is the hryvnia (the consumption of more than 100 kW). So, for the “light” with the ordinary bulbs will have to pay 84,1, the hryvnia, and with energy saving – a total of 23.8 hryvnia. After March with the “new” lamps – 32 hryvnia, but with “normal” – 109,5 hryvnia.

An expert in the field of energy efficiency, project Manager DTEK ESKO Sergei Svistun notes: to replace the bulbs need to be wise to buy energy-saving lamp in the room in which the family rarely turns on the light, not worth it.

Install dual meters for electricity. Dual meter for electricity together with the installation costs 1,376 USD. Such a counter allows night to pay for the “light” at a special price – 50% cheaper. For example, if you are using 100 kilowatt-hours each kilowatt at the moment costs at 71.4 penny, at night (from 23 PM to 7 am) for the same amount of electricity will have to pay only 35 cents. This winter, after the revision of tariff for 150 kWh will have to pay 193,5 hryvnia. If you actively use electrical appliances at night – wash, vacuuming, etc – multi-zone meter will be recouped, according to “Kyivenergo” for three years.

Sergey Svistun explains: most expensive for Ukrainians heating costs. Insulate the house and install the heater, you can save money on “a communal flat” more than 50%. Heat the house in the house 100 apartments can cost in 300 thousand hryvnias, that is a total of 3000 hryvnia each apartment. Such equipment will allow to save from 15 to 30% of the heat and will pay for itself in 2-3 heating seasons. For a complete insulation of the house each apartment will have to pay only a few thousand hryvnia.

Experts advise:

Refrigerator to put in 10 cm from the wall and away from the batteries and direct sunlight. In order to reduce the consumption of electricity refrigerator, is to put it in a cool and dark place – away from the stove and Windows.

The correct use of a vacuum cleaner and a washing machine. The vacuum cleaner consumes more electricity when you turn – don’t often turn off and turn it on while cleaning. Also filled with dust cleaner spends up to 20% more electricity.
When loading the tank of the washing machine only half 50% of its power is wasted. Wash at 30 °C instead of 40 ° C allows to save 40% energy.