The Russian delegation should not be to the PACE, while Russia does not return Crimea to Ukraine – Legwinski

Elected Vice-President of the parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, the quota of Ukraine the Deputy Georgy Logvynsky does not consider it necessary to use for communication with the Russian delegation of the inter-parliamentary platform, which was proposed re-elected as President of PACE Pedro Agramunt. About this Logvinsky said on Monday in Strasbourg, commenting on the proposal of Agramunt, made after the re-election of its President, PACE.

Also, according to Logoiskogo, until, until you restore the control over Ukrainian territory, should remain and sanctions.

“It is necessary to divide political slogans and practical work. Now what prevents the Russians to withdraw the army from the Donbass or transfer control of Crimea? Do not interfere. I’m not sure at this time there may be any parliamentary dialogue, which will provide information to Putin, then he would say that I was wrong… I will not support such a dialogue in any case”, – he explained his position.

Legwinski reminded that the re-elected President of PACE always adhere to this position.

“The position of Agremote very clear, and he always adhered to it: he clearly said that he supports the dialogue and would like to return the Russian delegation, because Russia is a powerful delegation, and therefore he will get more power and preferences”, – said the Vice-President of PACE.

The politician believes that such measures will be used in order to remove the Russian delegation sanctions.

“This will have a Domino effect. Sanctions is the only factor that affects Russia as the aggressor. Until they correct the situation, we have no right to say “go back”. We are against the lifting of sanctions. Sanctions should be removed when it is restored the control of our territory,” – says Logvinsky.

We will remind, in Strasbourg from 23 to 27 January is the winter session of PACE.