Price of life in Ukraine

The collision occurred in the town, industrial centre, located 20 kilometers from Donetsk. The government in Kiev and Pro-Russian militia exchanged mutual accusations of violating the Minsk agreements. Civilians were trapped in their homes, without drinking water, electricity and heating.

As soon as each trump came into the White house, Russia once again began to attack the Donbass. Now thousands of civilians have become hostages on the front line.


Just as the flapping of a butterfly’s wings in Tokyo can cause a collapse of the stock exchange in new York, the election trump for President of the United States provoked the resumption of the conflict in Ukraine. The mechanisms of the economy and the war in the end is not so far from each other. In addition, many modern war began with stock market indicators. Not only generals, but the militia were the most sophisticated creators of geopolitics, although in this case it was enough to have only elementary knowledge, to feel a new wind, boweavil from the White house. Donald trump never made any secret of his sympathy for Putin. The first time the creeping war in the Donbass, the Eastern region of Ukraine, partially occupied by Pro-Russian rebels, he reminded himself after the American elections in November. Further, after joining trump in the post war erupted in a period limited to two phone calls.

January 28, Donald and king Vladimir for hours talking on the phone. This is the first, long-awaited debate, albeit in the distance — the concern to both parties. This Islamic state (not a terrorist organization), the middle East and Ukraine, which was the cause of the most violent clashes between Moscow and the Obama administration. Vice President Joe Biden (Joe Biden) vehemently defended the interests of Kiev after the Russian invasion in Crimea and its annexation and also after the occupation of the Eastern regions to Pro-Russian (and Russian) rebels, who received support also from the regular army of the Kremlin. Putin is very interested in the lifting of sanctions imposed after the violation of borders of a sovereign state. His companion already inclined to consider the lifting of sanctions, and this topic is of concern to some European countries, including Italy. No one, however, does not mean that it is not yet time. However, the occurring conversation, the Russian side has evaluated positively, although cautiously about renewing “trade and economic relations”.

The next day after the conversation, 29 January, there was a message from a place of opposition, where the prisoners in Minsk two years before that agreement was never fully respected, and now finally turned into meaningless pieces of paper: here the flying missiles and the rumbles of heavy artillery.

Started to have a bad week, which symbolically ended the second phone call on February 4. This time trump answered the phone to call the head of the other hand, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, who was convinced that he would cooperate “with all parties to the conflict” to restore peace along the border. No, he not defected to the other side — rather, have made adjustments to try to avoid the worst. It is a signal for all. The next day, February 5, after like waving a magic wand, the military operations ceased. For the time being.

In the battles killed more than 40 people, tens of thousands of people were left without water, heating and electricity in the region, where at this time of year the average temperature is about minus 15 degrees, and at night fall below minus 20. The schools are closed, children are taken away from the fighting, stadiums broken tent cities, in the centres the provision of humanitarian assistance, ready to work in emergency conditions, the food distribution. Developed emergency evacuation plan of the city of Avdeevka, with a population of 17 thousand inhabitants (three years ago, before the attacks, they were twice as much). This is the epicenter of the fighting — the last center, which is under the control of the Central government of Kiev, a few kilometers from Donetsk, the so-called capital of the breakaway Pro-Russian republics. In this terrible scenario also involved Mariupol, located on the shore of the Azov sea on the road that connects Ukraine with Crimea. Is a line that could unite all the territory of the separatists.

Who reactivated the war, which even before the suspension of military operations killed almost 10 thousand people? As usual, the warring parties shift the responsibility on each other. Kiev accuses Pro-Russian separatists that they have launched hundreds of rockets “Grad” and made more than 50 shots of heavy artillery. Their goal is to take over coal mine that provides energy to the entire territory, to take control of the strategic route Donetsk-Gorlovka, linking the rebel regions to form a new state in the East, which later would ask Moscow about the annexation, as happened with Crimea.

Putin and his sides says: “Kyiv needs money, so he provokes the deterioration of the situation in the Donbas. His goal is to put yourself in the role of victim and to extort money from the European Union and the United States.” “During the election campaign in the United States, the Ukrainian government has openly taken a position in favor of one candidate. Some of the oligarchs, of course, receive support from the Central government, he backed Hillary Clinton. They renewed aggression to compromise the negotiations with trump”, he added.

So we return to Donald Trump, the new influential person whom all closely to understand how it will change the balance of power in the most sensitive area near the Russia of Vladimir Putin.

Ukraine, as expected, is the first critical test of the trump. If he followed the principles set out in the election campaign, he would leave Kyiv in the lurch, as it does not represent a strategic value for US interests. These are the same interests, in which Trump is more profitable (we must not forget that he is a businessman) to conduct business and to seek common ground and understanding with the “Tsar” Putin, whom he recently publicly defended, when, during the interview, the journalist called the Russian President a murderer. “Is the United States so innocent?” — said trump. In Washington this parallel caused outrage.

However, even the American President must take into account the mood in Congress, most of whose members are members of the Republican party and not ready for a radical change in relations with former foe of the Kremlin. Therefore, in the cautious position of Secretary of state trump’s Rex Tillerson (Rex Tillerson), the former CEO of Exxon, has long had close ties with Russia, one can see the attempt to bring together a variety of moods and perspectives. Putin awarded Tillerson in 2013, the Order of friendship, honorary award for foreigners contributing to the development of relations with his country. Due to sanctions imposed because of Russia’s actions in Ukraine, Exxon had to suspend drilling in the Kara sea, and its losses amounted to about a billion dollars.

The new head of US diplomacy was occupied — at least for the moment —the position of “between two stools”, that is, between Kiev and Moscow. This proves that the administration cannot act at its discretion without risking relations with their historical allies, the first of which is Poland. Warsaw was an obedient vassal of the United States and headed the coalition “diligent” Europeans during the operation of Bush in Iraq. She lives in constant fear of expansion of Russia and would regard the US move towards Russia in the Ukraine as a threat to its own borders.

In the same situation and the Baltic States, supported Obama to end his presidency in the form of the deployment of troops on the Eastern borders of the Atlantic Alliance. But Donald trump calls into question the role of NATO, asks partners to enhance funding of the Alliance and take on huge costs, most of which at the moment take US. Otherwise, he will announce withdrawal from NATO, that’s scary especially the countries bordering Russia.

A bargaining chip in this harsh draw of the new world order was the civilian population of Eastern Ukraine, forced to interpret the meanings of the words that are spoken on a different continent. They have to do to understand whether they have tomorrow, a house and food. Finally, will they be able to survive this hurricane named Donald trump.