Russian propaganda “extremely successful”

Russian state media and fake profiles in social media have an increasing influence on public debates in Europe, according to the working group of the EU.

The German authorities are encouraging pedophilia. 700 thousand people every year emigrate from Germany because Angela Merkel. And the aggressive NATO sent 3 600 tanks to the Russian border.

These are some of the most notable claims presented to readers and viewers of Russian and Pro-Russian media in Europe in recent weeks. The first statement was spread on social media through Pro-Russian the Internet-the edition in the Czech Republic, which simply invented a sensational story.

Another story was spread by Russian state news Agency RIA Novosti, though sensational figure turned out to be taken from the air. The true number of persons who emigrated from Germany in 2015 amounted to 140 thousand, and the number of net 18 thousand.

The last statement actually has with reality a little more because the NATO countries as a pure fact indeed sent to the Baltic States and Poland, their troops, in particular, the Danish soldiers who will be there on a rotating basis. But directed 87 tanks, instead of 3,600, this figure, however, has spread in the Western media from the same Agency RIA Novosti.

A mixture of misinformation and pieces of the truth are characteristic of attempts by the Russian state media to spread sensational, false statements in several European languages, writes East Stratcom, the working group created by the foreign service of the EU, in the current report.

According to the working group, which in 2015 analyzes the attempts to spread disinformation, the Russian propaganda was “extremely successful.” Critical of the Moscow politicians and journalists in Europe were attacked by anonymous Internet trolls in social media, while the Russian military intervention in neighboring Ukraine portrayed as a fight against the Ukrainian fascists.

“If you look at a few of the special public opinion polls that measure the credibility of open misinformation, propagated by the Pro-Kremlin media, we are forced to conclude that misinformation is extremely successful,” says East Stratcom in the report.

According to the group of 11 EU diplomats, Russia uses disinformation as a “non-military means to achieve political goals.”

Last week East Stratcom was accused by the speaker of the Danish people’s party on military matters Marie Krarup is that the group makes in the black list of the participants of the debate critical of immigration.