Chest or ass: scientists have discovered the secret that men like more

Researchers from Newcastle University reported that they managed to dispel the myth that men like big Breasts. They proved that in fact men are not so much crazy about the big female breast, as is commonly believed, writes

Studies have shown that men are more like natural proportions and athletic figure type, and breast size plays such a big role, also, instead of large Breasts men prefer Breasts of average size, but nice shape.

British scientists who decided to check how popular among men women with big Breasts, were surveyed. It was attended by men of different ages. They were asked to rate the photographs of different types of female figures.

After that, the volunteers were also asked to create an ideal female figure in a special program for modeling objects. It is possible to calculate the parameters of the chest, waist and hips created ideal.

It turned out that the public perception of the popularity of large female Breasts is a myth. Men are much less likely to have chosen on the photos of women with large Breasts, as well as in the formation of a perfect figure left breast is quite small.

While for men harmony is a key attribute of the ideal body in most cases breast Size of a woman was not as important as low body mass index and the presence of a proportional and fit body.+
In this regard, scientists say that women with smaller Breasts should not feel embarrassed because of this, much more important than just the physicality of the body, which is easily accomplished with training.