Riga came to the rally against Putin’s aggression in Ukraine

Today, January 21, in the Latvian capital Riga at the Freedom monument rally “Stop Putin’s war in Ukraine”. The Ukrainian community in Latvia and friends of Ukraine gathered to Express their protest against Russian aggression, reports “Radio Freedom”.

“The main goal of the event is to draw public attention to the Russian aggression in Ukraine, to show the importance of unity and solidarity with Ukraine, and also to call the whole world to step up pressure on Russia to restore territorial integrity and peace in our country,” – said the Latvian political commentator Atis, Klimovics.

According to him, Latvians participation in this event is very significant because in terms of “hybrid warfare” is important to show that residents of Latvia support the victims in Ukraine and condemn the aggressor. “We have the same threat, one enemy. If we help the Ukrainians, the Ukrainians will help us,” said Atis, Klimovics.

The Deputy of the Riga city Council Sarmite of Hilaire said that Ukraine is now a very important support of the international community, as at the time for Latvia. “What is not Latvia, to Express their support to Ukraine. Our countries have the same Soviet past. And when Latvia in the late 80’s-early 90 – ies of the last century fought for their independence, for us was also important to support the Western world. Now in the current situation in Ukraine, people should not be indifferent, everyone needs something to do,” said Latvian Deputy.

The Ambassador of Latvia in Ukraine Yevhen perebyinis noted that the Latvians are taking part in the action because they feel the need to Express their position. “Latvia is a country that historically has been through that now experiencing Ukrainian. The country was in the occupation and repression. Latvians know if today they will come and will not raise our voices for Ukraine, tomorrow the same fate can befall them,” – said the diplomat.

The protesters announced their demands, in particular the withdrawal from Ukraine of all Russian occupying troops, the extension of the work of the OSCE mission around the clock, the release of Ukrainian citizens illegally detained on the territory of Russia and occupied Crimea.

The representative of the Ukrainian Congress of Latvia Tatiana Lazda noted that the action “Stop Putin’s war in Ukraine” simultaneously with the Riga is also in 56 cities 20 countries. Similar protests are taking place today in many cities of Ukraine.

We will remind, today in Kiev held a rally under the slogan “#Stop Putin’s War in Ukraine”. Also, the action took place in Russian Saint-Petersburg.