In Washington, hundreds of thousands took to the “March of women” against trump

Hundreds of thousands of people in Washington went on a “March of women”, which was the culmination of an international campaign of protest on the first day after the inauguration of US President Donald trump.

Initially it was expected that the March will take part to 200 thousand persons, however, shortly before the beginning of the action organizers have increased the expected turnout of up to 500 thousand.

In solidarity with the March in Washington protests are held in hundreds of cities including Sydney, London, Paris and Barcelona. In total on Saturday there will be up to 700 “women’s March” all around the world.

The organizers, including activists of left parties, the feminist and green movements, I want to draw attention to the issue of women’s rights that, in their opinion, are threatened in connection with the coming to power of Donald trump.

The marchers, many of them dressed in bright pink caps are also in favor of racial equality, affordable health care and the right to abortion.

Pink hats of the protesters are there to remind about the record in 2005, where trump was talking about his touching the private parts of women.

The March was joined by singer Katy Perry, actress Scarlett Johansson, Amy Schumer, Patricia Arquette and filmmaker Michael Moore.

Pop star Madonna also spoke at the March, making some sharp statements. “Yes, I am outraged. Yeah, I was thinking, not to blow up the White house,” said the singer of the audience.

Trump has sparked outrage liberal-minded Americans during the election campaign, speaking disparagingly about women, Mexicans and Muslims, but also alarmed many abroad, promising that he will be guided by the principle of “America first”.

“The rhetoric of the previous campaign insulted, demonized and threatened many of us,” — reads the statement of the organizers.

“Women’s March” in Washington clearly given to understand our new government on the first day and to the world that women’s rights are human rights” — added the organizers.