Scientists have named the benefits of belly fat

The University of Alabama at Birmingham (USA) said, what is the benefit of the presence of belly fat. The research was published in the journal Trends in Immunology, writes “Orthodox”.

The researchers found that the omentum, the place where you accumulate fat deposits, performs immune function. It is this part of the body first responds to the infection, fibrosis appears due to the reaction to the antigens.

But scientists make a reservation that the gland has a serious negative impact. It contributes to the spread of metastases in the body. If cancer cells get into the crease of the abdominal cavity, where they eventually left. Fat deposits are the breeding ground for ovarian cancer and stomach.

Experts recommend the use of the omentum as an indicator that signals the emergence of infection in the human body. Also, this part of the body – a potential target for prevention of metastases in case of cancer disease.