In Syria, the explosion in the refugee camp killed 11 people and dozens wounded

On the territory of refugee camps on the border of Syria and Jordan on Saturday, 21 January, an explosion occurred. Accurate data on the number of victims and survivors there, reports DW.

According to the opposition organization “the Syrian Observatory for human rights”(SOHR), killed at least eleven people, wounded dozens. At the same time, the Iranian channel “Press TV” reports about dozens of dead and many injured with various injuries.

According to preliminary information, it is about the attack – unknown detonated an explosive device planted inside the car. While none of the groups has claimed responsibility for the attacks.

The refugee camp “Al-Rakban” is located on the border of Syria and Jordan. It is home to about 70 thousand people.

Recall the erroneous airstrike on refugee camp in Nigeria killed more than 100 people.