How to calculate everything from the most useful calculators in the Internet

As you know, in the global Internet has it all. The development of digital technologies has made available almost any information. No need to spend hours in dusty libraries, or call the clock experts — two-three mouse clicks to get those or other statements. Even the need to make complex calculations, remembering the strained school course in mathematics, has disappeared — in the network there are thousands of spectalcular that can calculate anything. To calculate the expected date of childbirth? Easy! How much a person needs of calories or the amount of subsidies count? Easily! Even the degree of intoxication or life expectancy can be computed in a few minutes.

Many e-counters still inherent error.

“Today” has experienced a few of these online calculators. Some of them are simple to use: to get the answer to your question, there is enough to enter simple data that does not require spezzani. For example, in the calculation of subsidies or the definition of the fuel cost for traveling by car. But if it is, for example, the calculation of the amount of testosterone, to use such a counter need to be informed of the number of protein fractions in blood. Anyway, to answer medical questions calculators request data that require testing. But it is possible once again to validate laboratory research. However, you must remember that all the data of calculators and estimated the possible error in the calculations.


One of the most important counters now — online calculator subsidies. This service is available at the official website of the Cabinet. It can be used to calculate the approximate amount of possible subsidies. For this you need to fill in all three fields on this resource: to specify the number of people registered in the apartment, the total monthly income of all residents at this address and the cost utility (the total amount in the payment for gas, water, heating and light).

We tested the calculator. For example, have a family of two unemployed pensioners residing in the capital two-bedroom apartment. The average amount of pension for two may reach 3400 UAH, the cost of “communal” in the winter (no benefits) — about 2 thousand UAH. We have introduced these numbers, then the calculator gave a result of: the grant may amount to 1690 UAH 14 kopeks. But the developers of the calculator warned that all calculations are preliminary and do not cover all criteria of the applicant for the subsidy.

Calculator official. But the results of the independent calculation of the conditional.


In addition to the number of service calculators have the same resources and cognitive orientation. For example, on the English site there is a virtual calculator where you can compare your annual salary with monetary reward professionals from different countries and not only European.

As the original amount, we took the new minimum Ukrainian salary RS 3200 per month. A year out of the amount of 38 thousand 400 UAH. In the conversion process it turned out that the same gets cleaner in Thailand, the domestic annual salary of twice the annual remuneration of a teacher in Ethiopia, but at the same time, the Ukrainian annual salary is 70% of the revenue driver in Africa, 20% of the salary Greek physician, 10% Manager in Finland and only 4% of the annual remuneration of the Manager from the United States.

Informative. In terms of foreign income.


Those traveling to a city for the first time and planning to use taxis, can be useful calculators that consider the cost of travel from point A to point B. These “counters” are usually the sites of taxi services, however, they are tied to the rates of the relevant service and it makes sense to compare prices at different sources before ordering. For example, the calculator one of the most popular services we were given the result that the trip from the Central railway station of the capital, Khreschatyk street will cost UAH 74, the other service was requested for the services of 87 USD, and the third — the full 90! Such a comparison will help to avoid speculation of taxi drivers at the same station or at the airport on arrival: sometimes the private drivers throw up their space prices, relying on unprepared tourists.

The price of the trip. Considers the cost from point A to point B.


There are several Internet calculators that determine even the level of free testosterone in the blood. Making the calculations, it is possible, for example, to adjust their diet to increase libido. But, to use the calculator, you need to work hard: to know the content of protein in the blood, the levels of globulin and total testosterone. It will have to be tested.


One of the most popular services in difficult economic times was the calculator family budget, as monthly and annual. This service allows to calculate the costs of food, transportation, bills and even unforeseen expenses. In other words, after adding up all these amounts can be understood, for example how much you can save for purchasing a major purchase. Simply put, this calculator displays the number, it may be money provided disciplined spending their monthly salary.

Budget. The calculations help to correlate expenses and income.


In the Network there are many such calculators, the developers honestly admit that the results of calculations in their services should not be taken too seriously. So, for example, are “determinants of the sex of the child.”

We found several such calculators. They are all extremely easy to use — you need to fill in the fields with the dates of birth of father, mother and date of conception, and then click “Define”. The developers justify this technique is the fact that the blood in men (in this case the father of the child) is updated every 4 years, women (mother, child) — once in 3 years. “If your blood “newer” dad, a boy, if the mother — girl”, — explained the developers. The calculator determines the last date of renewal of blood from both parents. However, you need to understand that the results of the analysis is not a dogma.


Another popular online calculators in the world — all sorts of services counting calories enjoyed by those who are watching their weight. Among these programs are both simple and advanced calculations. For example, one program calculates the required day number of calories based on the age, sex, actual weight and the availability (or complete absence) of physical activity per day. For example, using such a service 30-year-old male, 175 cm and weighing 75 kg can learn that on the day he needs no more 2039 kcal — in this scenario the weight would be unchanged. If the user wants to lose weight, then he needs no more 1631 calories a day, but for quick weight loss — another 300 calories. But this is assuming no exercise. If the person works every day physically, then with these parameters the height and weight of the day he needs 3228 kcal — provided that he does not want to change the weight.

Count calories. For weight loss and weight maintenance.


Calculators that do not leave indifferent the majority of those who use them, are services of calculating life expectancy. As it turned out, they are used by thousands of people, because all you need to do is specify your gender and answer a few questions. For example: “do you Smoke? If Yes, how many cigarettes a day?”, “Is there, among the relatives of centenarians?”, “How often pass the examination?”, “Is there anyone among relatives of those who suffered heart attacks or strokes?” Learning data of the user, the calculator will determine the approximate life expectancy. However, in practice, many of these figures are not like — some of them even left angry comments, like, strong enough to live in this world.

For example, one of the users emotionally commented on his result: “In fact, you should think and rethink how we spend our lives. First, it’s time to quit Smoking! It’s still harmful. You need to drink a rare. I’m only 23 years old, and the calculator showed I would go 36 or 37 years. Little…” However, there are some users who disagree with the conclusions of the calculator, in response to starting to assure that such “bills” designed to scare people and something to make you think, change the way of life and not to smoke in the day, a half a pack of cigarettes. And one of the users at all wrote that after the test in tears because I found out — with her lifestyle she will not survive to the first pension.

Calculator. Will tell how many will live.


Among the online calculators, there are those that can be useful to motorists who wish to quickly, without a call to the service station, to know the approximate cost of repairing the vehicle. This service is gaining popularity, yet it is only in isolated sites. To use is simple — you need to specify the class of vehicle (sedan, jeep, minibus) and the type of work required. After that, the calculator instantly determines the estimated cost of the work. The lack of such services in the fact that there is almost no where you can specify the exact model of car to know the correct amount repair. In addition, such services do not exist in the Ukrainian segment of the Internet, we have our drivers there are no opportunities to correctly calculate the amount of repairs, for example, your combat “Lanos”.

Price auto repair. Calculations are approximate.


Especially for those who care about their health and wants to know how many day it takes kilometers, there are interactive steps counters. There are several types. For example, when the program is installed on your smartphone while walking, the device counts the number of steps of the user and automatically translates this number to kilometers. There is a service for counting the lengths of steps. In this calculator you need to fill in only two columns for “gender” and “growth”. In the end, in the column “result”, we learn that, for example, a man of 1 m 75 cm for 1 km does 1 378 thousand steps. The length of each of them — almost 73 see


Those who planned to build a vacation home or cottage, good service can be of useful calculators that will help you to calculate the approximate number of bricks, cement, sand, concrete and other materials for construction. For example, However, as we told the builders, such services it’s better to use together with experts. Otherwise, you can make a mistake and buy a lot of unnecessary or Vice versa — do not buy. “Construction calculators is not so simple as it seems at first glance. Before you can enter data for counting, you need to know the exact dimensions of the bricks, the thickness of the future walls and the thickness of the applied cement mortar. In addition, we must note that a certain area is a window and door”, — explained to us by one of the foremen.

Assistant. The main thing is not to miscalculate the quantity.