When trump policy towards Russia will no longer be toothless.

The newly elected President of the United States Donald trump and his entourage will establish a world order, when the policy of aggression of the Russian Federation will not be toothless. Such opinion on air of TV channel “112 Ukraine” was expressed by the MP Serhiy Sobolev.

“Unlike the analysts of the Ministry of foreign Affairs and the presidential Administration, I bought a book of trump, which set out the key points of his program. I found in this book section, which deals with Ukraine. Right there says that he condemns the policy of Obama and some European leaders who allowed Putin to enter the territory of Ukraine. And he will do everything possible to stop it. For me it was the biggest feature, and for many representatives of Ukraine, who are US citizens and vote for trump. When I saw the first nomination of first Minister of defense, who has a lot of support in the Senate, this man, who openly declared and denounced the policies of Obama. Therefore, these ridiculous attempts to say that we were fair to all, it’s wrong, and then it is necessary to evaluate the activities of any person for his actions. I think that the environment trump will continue the policies of Reagan, in conjunction with the Prime Minister of Britain, this will allow you to establish a world order where it won’t be a toothless policy of aggression of Russia”, – he said.

Recall, January 20 in the U.S. will be held the inauguration of President Donald trump. Immediately after this, the planned parade, which will take part about 8 thousand persons.

Trump intends to sign a series of Executive decrees immediately after taking office on inauguration day. In particular, to take the first steps to the construction of the wall on the border with Mexico and immigration restrictions.

A Republican will also visit the headquarters of the Central intelligence Agency (CIA), which has repeatedly criticized during the election campaign and after his election.