Discharge of tramp — Putin’s dead?

One of the reasons why Donald trump became President, is that he understands his country and the world a better place than its rivals.

He saw the growing and growing American nationalism in the country, strengthening of ethnic nationalism in Europe. He also supported Brakcet.

While our political establishment from both parties admires the variety, trump saw that the American middle class is suffering from a demographic change that occurred in our country due to the intrusion of the third world. And he promised to curb these changes.

While our corporatists Smoking incense at the altar of the global economy, trump traveled around the country, evaluating the loss of the working class. And forgotten Americans in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan and Wisconsin responded.

If Bush II and President Obama have plunged us into wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Yemen and Syria, trump saw that his fellow citizens want to get rid of these endless wars and put America first.

He proposed a new foreign policy. Despite the claims of MITT Romney, trump said, Russia is not “our geopolitical enemy number one”.

Moreover, the 67-year-old North Atlantic Alliance, committing us to protect two dozen countries, none of which makes the same contribution to the NATO budget, like us, is “outdated”.

Many of them parasites, said trump. He hopes for cooperation with Russia in the fight against our real enemies, like al Qaeda and ISIS (banned in Russia organization — approx. TRANS.).

It is for such an agenda voted by the Americans. But the scale and viciousness antithrombotic forces in this city doubt that trump will be able to fulfill their promises.

Remember his plan of reconciliation and rapprochement with Russia. Same thing during the cold war did Eisenhower, Kennedy, Nixon and Reagan, and they did it with much more dangerous Soviet Empire.

The American elite still praising Franklin Roosevelt for his partnership in the fight against Hitler, with one of the worst mass murderers in human history, Joseph Stalin. She continues to applaud the Nixon who went to China to establish friendly relations with the worst mass murderer of the 20th century, Mao Zedong.

However, Trump is not allowed to establish a partnership with Putin, whose greatest crime was bloodless return of the Crimea belonged to Russia from the 18th century.

Anti-Putin paranoia in our country is simply amazing.

The fact that he is a murderer, a thug from the KGB and a murderer, we are daily and very pompously declares John McCain. Speaking last week at the Munich security conference, Senator Lindsey Graham promised: “2017 will be the year when Congress will kick Russia’s ass”. Truly, words are not a boy, but of a statesman.

How can the President negotiate with the opposing great power, if the leaders of his own party put a spoke in the wheel and sabotage his efforts?

And as the leading mass media, they are just obsessed with his quest to destroy trump. And to get their way, they use the following line of narration:

Trump is the Siberian candidate, a creature of Putin and the Kremlin. He has a longstanding relationship with Russia. To help Tramp, Russia broke into the computers of the National Committee of the Democratic party and the computer of the head of the election headquarters of Hillary Clinton, John Podestà. She also sent correspondence WikiLeaks and has made to the American people during the campaign found out about them. And people trump was secretly working for Russian spies.

Believing that Putin has deprived Hillary Clinton of the presidency, the Democrats want revenge and revenge they want both Putin and Trump.

Because of the epidemic of Russophobia is almost impossible to establish normal relations. Reacting to constant attacks, the initiators of which is called the administration of Vladimir Putin, the White house, it seems, strengthens its position against Russia.

So we see American troops going to Poland, Bulgaria and Romania, as NATO forces are in the Baltic States, the White house sound tough new allegations that Russia needs to return Crimea to Ukraine. We read about a Russian spy ships, sneaking along the American coast, about the Russian planes diving at US fleet in the Black sea, the missiles deployed by Russia in violation of the agreement of 1987 on the control arms.

American submarines type “Ohio” had just conducted a test firing of Trident missiles from the Pacific coast. These missiles can be equipped with thermonuclear warheads.

Today extinguished the last hopes for a ceasefire in the Donbass, for the lifting of sanctions and Russia’s return to the European fold. If earlier the Russians were looking at the election trump, but now they have apparently there is frustration and a sense of despair.

The question arises: where are we going with this hostility, if the improvement of relations with Russia is out of the question?

Russia will not relinquish Crimea. Putin will not allow it. But if he does, the Russian people will turn away from him.

What then is the ultimate objective of this fierce hostility of Washington to Putin and Russia, as well as increasing NATO forces in the Baltic and in the black sea region? That a second cold war with Russia now acceptable and has become an acceptable reality?

Where those advisers trump, who will tell him that we should firmly resist the wave of Russophobia and to work out an agreement with the Russian President? The fact is that when Russia with their backs against the wall, the second cold war with her may not end so happily as the first.

Patrick Buchanan is the founder and editor of the American Conservative, author of the book “the Greatest comeback: How Richard Nixon was able to bounce back from defeat to create the New majority” (The Greatest Comeback: How Richard Nixon Rose From Defeat to Create the New Majority).