Outgoing President Obama with tears in his eyes drove right drone

Stopping and turning South meadow (the White house), hear the sounds hovering just a few feet from his drone, the outgoing President Barack Obama with tears drove right drone MQ-9 Reaper, who tried to follow him out of the White house, said sources on Friday. “Let’s go!” — said the former commander, with trembling lower lip and eyes full of tears, trying to make his voice strict and scare away loyal drone murderer that I spent with him the last eight years. “You can’t be with me, you know? Can’t you see that it’s for your own good? Now get out of here. What are you waiting for? Go away!” — Obama said.

During a press conference Barack Obama with a broken heart threw a stone in the direction of the drone, forcing the device to rise into the sky, where it stopped for a moment to the last time to look at your old host before you leave in the direction of a village wedding party in Yemen.