Ukraine as a state, despite the internal and external enemies – Kravchuk

President of Ukraine 1991-1994 Leonid Kravchuk stressed that Ukraine as a state, despite the “tight unity internal enemies, external enemies”, which is the Russian Federation. He said this at a press conference, “Twenty-six years later… Where is Ukraine today?”.

“Despite the situation, despite the hostilities in the Donbas, the Crimea’s annexation, Ukraine is moving forward. This is extremely important. Anyway, whatever was said, Ukraine as a state has already taken place, and we can’t even imagine what could be different. Took place in a very difficult political and economic conditions,” – said Kravchuk.

“I don’t know a lot of countries, maybe very little, where would be the situation like in Ukraine. Where are our internal enemies or, more precisely, internal enemies, so closely United with the external enemies. The Communists of Ukraine – enemies of independence. The Communists of Russia – patriots of Russia. The Communists of Ukraine – the enemies of independence and the patriots of Russia. Imagine: where else is it possible that within the country was a political force which is hostile to independence and is a patriot of another country,” – said Kravchuk.


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“I gave you only one example to understand the conditions in which we started the construction of the Ukrainian state, and that survived, and the fact that today we continue to stand and defend the independence and sovereignty of the country, is the most important of the most important results, so I would say 26-year history of independent Ukraine”, – said Kravchuk.

Previously, Kravchuk said that the current Russian nation is the result of a century of aggressive policy of Russia, the purpose of which was war.