The new White house website summarizes the policy proposals of the trump

After the inauguration of President Donald trump the White house website has undergone significant changes.

Page dedicated to the policy concerning climate change and LGBT rights have been removed.

Appeared quote trump with his famous campaign motto “let’s get America Back to greatness.” In addition, there are new sections on programmatic proposals of the new President.

The administration has identified six themes and outlined his proposals in these areas. Briefly, they are:

Plan “put America first” in the energy sector calls for reducing energy costs and maximum use of resources of the United States.

Plan “put America first” foreign policy goal of defeating radical Islamic terrorist organizations.

— Provides for the creation of 25 million new jobs in the next ten years and a return to annual economic growth of 4 per cent.

— Plan to return to powerful armed forces through their rehabilitation and creation of advanced missile defense systems.

— A section on support for law enforcement includes plan to build a wall on the border to stop illegal immigration and the flow of gangs, violence and drugs; the abolition of the status of cities of refuge and the deportation of illegal immigrants who have committed crimes with use of violence.

— The section “Trade relations, working for all Americans”, calls for exit from the TRANS-Pacific partnership and the new negotiations on the North American free trade agreement (NAFTA).